Frequently Asked Questions


Do all plans require an annual commitment?

Yes, all plans require an annual commitment.

What level of support is included in each plan?

All plans include email support. Network, Premium and enterprise plans include phone support as well. Email support is available through and phone support is available upon request.

Can I get volume pricing under the existing plans?

No. Volume pricing is only available for enterprise customers. Please Contact Us if you are interested and we will design a plan that makes sense for you.

What is Priority Support?

Premium plans and enterprise customers have access to Priority Support. This additional level of support provides a white glove experience and ensures your support requests are moved to the top of Zype’s help desk queue.

What is a Dedicated Customer Success Manager?

This will be your primary point of contact and personal guide throughout your Zype experience.  Premium and custom enterprise plans will benefit from a CSM that is assigned specifically to your account.

When am I ready to upgrade my plan?

Don’t rush!
We recommend monitoring paywall transactions & stream hours as measures of success. However, focus on your content and audience, and we will let you know when it makes sense to upgrade.

What is included in onboarding?

Onboarding to Zype begins when you receive the welcome email (shortly after we receive your billing details) and lasts ten days with an Onboarding Manager. During these ten days, your Onboarding Manager will schedule an introduction call and three optional calls to take you through Zype’s most popular features. The optional calls will include the following: content ingestion, monetization, and app distribution. If you choose not to schedule the additional calls, you will still have ten days to correspond with your Onboarding Manager. After those ten days, you will then be introduced to your Account Manager to speak more about your specific business goals.


Are there any limitations to my streaming usage?

There are no limits to streaming usage. Zype offers different amounts of streaming hours per plan. If you exceed this number, there is a minor additional charge per hour depending on the plan.  Contact us for more details.

Are there any limitations to my storage and transcoding usage?

You can store and transcode as much video as you’d like. Zype does not charge for storage and offers different allocations of transcode hours per plan. If you exceed the allocation, there is an additional charge per hour depending on the plan. Alternatively, you can also bring your own storage and transcoding and prevent Zype usage fees. Contact us for more details.

Do I get charged for transactions that occur on native marketplaces (e.g., Roku, Apple TV)?

Yes. All are tracked as billable transactions.

What are the usage allocations and corresponding rates per plan?

Click to download the Zype Rate Sheet.

Do unused allocations roll over to the next month?

Usage allotments must be used within the month and do not roll over.

Do you offer volume pricing for usage?

Yes! Zype can offer volume pricing for usage fees that is more in line with your business needs. Contact us to design an enterprise plan.


Can I use my own web player?

Yes. You can integrate your own web player for free.

Can I connect other OVPs to Zype (e.g., Kaltura, Ooyala)?

Yes. Using our MRSS Feed Ingestion tools, you can link other OVPs that support MRSS.

Can I build set-top streaming device apps with Zype?

Yes. However, those features are only available for Network plans or higher. We have found that Creators can build great businesses on the web and then grow into set-top apps.

What do I get from the set-top publishing tools?

You get easy to use builder tools that generate all the code you need – with detailed configuration instructions – for each of the top three set-top marketplaces – Roku, Amazon Fire TV, and Apple TV. You also get reference apps for native IOS and Android and any other new SDKs or publishing tools we release in the future.

What streaming video quality presets do I get with the storage and transcoding service?

Zype will transcode into HLS with at least one HD, one SD, and one audio-only rendition.

Who owns my audience data?

You do! One of our core value propositions is OWNERSHIP. This means your audience data stays with you.

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