Best-in-class streaming to any endpoint

Give your customers the video experience they demand


Streaming platform for VOD and live video

At work, getting off the train, or unwinding on the couch after a long day, it doesn’t matter where your audience is or what kind of internet connection they have. Zype makes sure your content is there. You determine transcoding and player settings to enable an automated adaptive bitrate stream and serve your audience the right video for their device, location, and internet connection.

Any Video, Anywhere


Wherever your video lives right now — YouTube, Hulu, Vimeo Pro, Kaltura, syndicated content, raw video on a hard drive, or any other legacy online video platform — Zype ingests your content and makes it easy for you to deliver to your audience (and monetize!) in no time. Import and upload video from any source. You can even send us your physical hard drive and we’ll upload it for you. Plus all your metadata and tags will be included in the ingestion process, perfectly mapped straight from the source.

Live Streaming


Zype Live is a high quality, scalable, and user friendly live streaming service that makes it easy to sell video to consumers whenever you want, however you want, and on any device. Linear or event-based, your streams can be delivered to any endpoint, including mobile, web and OTT platforms.

Dynamic Player Technology


Optimize video delivery based on viewer location, device, licensing rules or revenue models. If your content has to follow a set of guidelines, Zype will help you follow them. Deliver video using the player of your choice and custom player rules that you specify. We care about your unique business requirements and our platform enables you to set your rules and forget it.

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