Your Complete Video Infrastructure
Zype is the all-in-one digital video distribution and management hub.
Ease of Use

Zype's workflow tools are intuitive and easy to use for the whole video team, regardless of technical background.

Time Saving Automation

Zype's automation features do the tough jobs for video operations teams and plug into all the tools you need from a single pane-of-glass.


Zype provides future proof software and APIs that allow innovators to build great video products.

Complete Freedom

Zype gives companies freedom to control their brand and content in their video products without censorship.

Speed to Market

Zype provides all the tools video operations teams need to get their video streaming business to market quickly.

You're in good company

Your complete video content management and distribution infrastructure

Zype’s award-winning platform enables teams to easily manage, monetize, and distribute digital video across the web, social, mobile, OTT, and connected TV.

We’ve built the plumbing for digital video

Zype’s platform makes it easy to get your video on every channel and platform.

Create Higher Quality Video Experiences

From video storage, encoding, and video app templates, Zype provides all the infrastructure you need to power high-quality, user-friendly video experiences.

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