Zype is Built for Mission-Critical O&O Streaming

Build full scale, globally available owned and operated streaming services - including Apps, Syndication, Playout, and EPG that works across the whole video ecosystem, powered by data and ready for hybrid revenue streams - ads, subscriptions, and transactions.

Zype is the infrastructure for digital video

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Open and compatible

Zype is the only solution in the market that offers an end to end platform out of the box, as well as serve as a flexible, API-centric architecture to create customized experiences. Our open framework enables enterprises to bring their own storage, encoding, video player, DAM/MAM, or CDN and serves as a hub for video infrastructure.

Deepest full stack video API

Encoding, storage, player management, playout, playlist management for long and short form video clips, linear video feeds, and live streams powered by a headless Video API that serves over 3 billion requests per month.

Most video connectors

Our 28+ video connectors include integrations with all major OTT/CTV distribution channels, and we integrate with 1000+ major SaaS platforms.

Flexible monetization & data capture

For sellers of video content, Zype supports a robust video paywall that works with any player, stream, or payment provider. For marketers, Zype supports a robust data-capture to collect customer information at the point of viewing. All of this pre-integrated with all major mobile and TV marketplaces so your development team can focus on innovation.

Universal Support Across All Media

Zype offers a robust suite of workflow, security, publishing, monetization and interactive features that extend seamlessly across all media types including eliminating the complexities that have traditionally plagued Linear and Live.


Business friendly dashboards with smart workflows - powered by a full stack infrastructure.

Developer friendly APIs to build and deploy video streaming products with full control over customization.


Connect, manage & distribute



Customers import content and create API-based workflows


Then choose where and how to distribute


Zype automates publishing and data collection at scale


Engineered to be resilient and scalable


Serving over 15 billion video API requests/month


We've built the plumbing for digital video

What Our Customers Say

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Zype is constantly thinking of new features for their users that are helpful and do a great job at integrating these as core features of their product. They are able to find solutions that fit their customers business needs. Zype's product evolves around real world needs.

Mark Kirk

SVP Director of Digital Operations, KONAMI

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Zype’s API is fantastic. It allowed our organization to automate many of our processes. Zype’s platform makes it easy for us to share assets across websites and apps from a centralized system, so we can optimize the impact of a single video. With a limited team of developers, Zype’s templated apps were key in enabling us to launch on multiple endpoints and quickly expand our reach.

Justin Peterson

Software Engineering Manager, Andrew Wommack Ministries

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