4 Best Enterprise Video Hosting Platforms for 2021

By The Zype Team on June 11, 2021

If you’re running a new-age business organization, you’re likely already familiar with the amazing benefits of video streaming. Videos are useful in facilitating internal communication and onboarding new employees.

They also come in handy for attracting clients with compelling sales pitches. You could even live stream important events, such as product launches and conferences, to further grow your business using them.

But when it comes to enterprise video hosting, consumer-grade video streaming platforms, such as YouTube and Facebook, don’t make the cut. To begin with, when you upload videos on these platforms, you often lose the rights to the content. Additionally, there’s always the risk of your videos getting plagiarized or pirated.

That’s why you need a robust and secure enterprise video platform to upload, store, and distribute video content. 

In this blog, we’ve shortlisted some of the best enterprise streaming platforms for modern businesses. But let’s first delve deeper into the process of choosing an enterprise video hosting solution.

How to Select the Right Enterprise Video Platform

Enterprise video hosting isn’t as simple as uploading videos on a streaming platform, such as YouTube. You need a fast, reliable, and secure solution that lets you accomplish the following tasks:

  • Upload and manage video assets.
  • Implement necessary privacy protection measures on videos.
  • Live stream key events, such as team meetings, product launches, seminars, etc.
  • Monitor engagement and consumption.
  • Distribute video-on-demand (VOD) and live streams across different corporate networks.
  • Integrate videos with other communication channels and marketing tools.
  • Customize the video player according to your branding.

As a ground rule, you should consider factors such as speed, security and privacy options, API access, and analytics. 

Additionally, you should find out whether the platform lets you access CDNs for faster delivery of videos across different networks. It’s also critical to take a look at the various customization options it offers.

Best Enterprise Video Hosting Platforms

Let’s now take a look at the top enterprise video platforms that deserve your attention:

1. MAZ Systems

MAZ Systems

Image via MAZ Systems

Are you planning to launch your enterprise OTT platform in 2021? Then MAZ is the right fit for your video hosting needs. Featuring a user-friendly built-in CMS and multi-platform video players, MAZ is a versatile enterprise video platform.

Using it, you can easily manage your video content and track its performance. Also, you get access to sophisticated features, including adaptive bitrate streaming, podcast hosting, and live streaming tools.

2. IBM Cloud Video

IBM Cloud Video

Image via IBM

Are you looking for an affordable yet feature-rich enterprise video platform that covers all your live and on-demand video streaming needs? Your search ends with IBM Cloud Video. 

The enterprise plan of this platform offers a wide array of customization options and even lets you create an event microsite.

Moreover, this AI-driven platform automatically generates closed captions for your videos and even enables deep search. You can also use various security tools to restrict access to video assets. 

And the best part? 

It comes with a free trial.

3. Brightcove

Bright Cove

Image via Brightcove

You know an enterprise video platform is worth its salt when its clientele boasts renowned brands, including Ford, Adobe, and HubSpot. Offering advanced monetization options, video API access, adaptive streaming, and CRM integration, Brightcove is ideal for companies that want end-to-end video streaming solutions.

It provides you with a dedicated video publishing platform named Video Cloud. The platform even integrates with any popular CMS or marketing automation solution you might be using. The higher price point makes it more suitable for large businesses, although its features justify the cost.

4. Kaltura


Image via Kaltura

Kaltura offers all the standard features you’d expect from a leading cloud-based enterprise video platform. It caters to a wide array of businesses and even lets you edit your videos online. Also, it’s an open-source platform, which provides a better scope for integration and plenty of developer-friendly tools.

Your Enterprise OTT Solution

Whether you’re using videos for internal training or marketing, it’s crucial to use the right enterprise video platform. Make sure you evaluate various platforms before choosing your video hosting service.

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