A Quick Guide to App Store Optimization for OTT Apps

By The Zype Team on August 05, 2021

Launching an OTT app comes with a wide array of challenges. It's a complex, laborious, and time-consuming process from developing a user-friendly app to identifying the right monetization strategy. Also, you have to curate a library of high-quality original content, including web shows, movies, short films, documentaries, etc.

App store optimization (ASO) often takes a backseat amidst this rigmarole. But if your target users don’t find your OTT app on popular app stores, they’ll likely never download it. This, in turn, means your OTT app won’t yield the desired revenue. That makes ASO an integral part of mobile app marketing.

What is App Store Optimization?

App store optimization refers to a group of techniques used to improve the ranking of mobile apps on different app stores. In other words, it’s the process of improving your OTT app’s visibility on leading app store search engines, including Google Play and Apple App Store. It’s also known as mobile app SEO or app store marketing.

Benefits of App Store Optimization for OTT Apps

The success of OTT apps is influenced by various factors, including the interface, user experience, and content quality. But all these factors only come into play after a user downloads your app. If your OTT app doesn’t garner too many downloads, even the most outstanding features will fail to drive conversions.

ASO is a cost-effective way to boost your app’s visibility and drive more traffic to its listing on various app stores. It’s crucial considering that there are nearly 3.5 million apps on Google Play, followed by 2.22 million apps on the Apple App Store. Therefore, if you want to boost app downloads, you must ensure that your app appears at the top of relevant app store search results.

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When correctly implemented, an ASO strategy will continue to drive traffic and downloads in the long run. That makes it more affordable than other mobile app marketing techniques, such as paid advertising. Also, skyrocketing your OTT app downloads translates to more viewers and subscribers. This, in turn, boosts brand awareness and revenue even further.

How to Develop an App Store Optimization Strategy

ASO involves several steps that focus on optimizing various fields of your app’s listing using the right keywords. Here’s how you should get started:

Select Your Keywords

The first step is to identify the terms and phrases that your target users are likely to use when searching for your app. It requires a deep understanding of your audience. You can use various keyword research tools and app store optimization tools to identify your target keywords. Also, check the listings of your competitors’ OTT apps and identify the keywords they’re using.

Optimize Your Listing

Next, it’s time to organically incorporate the keywords into the app store listing. Make sure you include the keywords in key fields, such as:

  • App name/title
  • URL
  • Description
  • Keywords (only on Apple App Store)

Make sure you avoid keyword stuffing. Otherwise, your listing could get demoted and penalized. Also, choose the right category for your app.

Aside from optimizing the content, carefully choose the icon and thumbnail. Make sure it’s simple, yet eye-catching and reflects what your app is all about. Leverage A/B testing to find the icon and thumbnail variations that generate the maximum clicks and downloads. Lastly, don’t forget to include high-quality screenshots and videos to make the listing visually attractive.

Prioritize Reviews & Ratings

App store ratings are one of the most significant ASO ranking factors. Encourage existing users to rate your app and write a review after they’ve renewed their subscription or finished watching a show. Make sure these reminders are subtle and don’t interfere with the viewing experience.

Find Your Footing Among Other OTT Apps

A robust app store optimization strategy is crucial for the success of every mobile app. It’ll set your product apart from other OTT apps and help skyrocket downloads. Select meaningful keywords and optimize the content of your app store listing. Also, deliver a great viewing experience that compels users to rate and review your app.

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