Accept Secure Video Payments with Braintree and PayPal Integration

By Taylor Kirchwehm on March 29, 2017

Zype customers can accept PayPal payments from their consumers as a payment method when using Braintree as the payment processor. PayPal is widely used and offers fully secure online payments, which will make your consumers feel more comfortable subscribing to your content using credit card payments online.

In order to set up PayPal as a payment option for your consumers, you must have a Braintree Merchant Account and PayPal Business Account.

Setting Up Your PayPal Business Account

The first step is to sign up for a PayPal account or log in to your existing PayPal Premier Account.

Log into the PayPal console

Click Profile near the top of the page

Click My Personal Info

Click Update near Business Information

Click Upgrade

Select a business type and click Continue

Enter your business information and follow the remaining prompts

Accepting PayPal Payments through Braintree

Log into the Braintree Control Panel

Navigate to Settings Processing

Under Accept PayPal , enter your PayPal email address and password

Enter the URLs to your website's Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions in the fields provided

Click Link Account

Make sure the "Use Vault flow" box is checked

Click Update to save your selection

Create a Subscription Plan with Braintree

Next, you will need to create a plan in your Braintree Control Panel. The plan will be used to populate information such as amount, currency, and billing cycle when a new subscription is created. Make sure to configure the plan with the same monetization settings you wish to use in Zype’s Make Money section.

Monetization Settings in Zype

Click on the Gear at the top of the Zype Dashboard and select Settings from the dropdown menu.


Navigate to the Monetization tab. Make sure to enter your Merchant ID and key pair under the Braintree Settings section to accept payments for plans using Braintree, and select Braintree as your Default Payment Type.

Confirming Your Subscription Plan in Zype

If you have not created a subscription plan in Zype, visit our help center article for detailed instructions on how to create a subscription plan.


If a subscription has already been created, please confirm that the Braintree ID has been entered for this plan, the default cost, billing cycle and billing date match up with the Braintree plan you set up earlier in this post and that the plan is active in Zype.






After setting up the PayPal integration through Braintree, your consumers will have the option to pay for subscriptions, purchases, or rentals through Zype using their personal PayPal account. This creates a simple, seamless, payment flow for your clients. Visit our Help Center for full setup instructions.

You’ve created a subscription plan, updated your monetization settings and tested the subscription. Now how do you launch your media empire using a video paywall and the subscription you created on your website? Check out these three steps to quickly create a video paywall.

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