Ad Timings: A Key Zype Differentiator

By Chris Smith on September 19, 2016

Ever click to watch a video just to  be completely interrupted by an advertisement? So often that you decide to stop watching the video altogether? At Zype, we know how important ads are to your AVOD business model, and we also understand the importance of having properly placed ad breaks in your content.

That’s why we offer the Ad Timings feature in the Zype platform, giving you the ability to choose where and when you want the ads to play.

How To Get There

Customized Ad Timings are extremely accessible from the Zype dashboard and easy to implement. Head to your library and simply click on any Zype-hosted video title. Clicking on the video will bring up the main details page, and if you look on the right hand side of the page, you will see a Video Sources box (below).


How It Works

The Ad Timings feature allows you to go beyond pre-roll, mid-roll and post-roll ad timings, and pick a time that is not disruptive to your audience’s viewing. Add a new ad timing for every spot in your video that you want the inline to call up to the Video Ad Serving Template (VAST), which pauses the video at the time you input and serves the ad.

Why Is This Important?

Ad timings are beneficial to content creators, owners, and especially their viewers. Choose the most natural place to break your content with ads, and say goodbye to interruptive ads at the most climactic moment of your movie or show.

Keeping customers happy is paramount, especially if you want your video business to thrive. If you’ve chosen to use advertising to make money, you’ll want to make sure the viewer isn’t getting fed up with the interruptions and thinking about using drastic measures — like installing ad blockers or abandoning the attention they give you altogether.

As a creator, nobody knows the right place for an ad quite like you do. You already have the specific tone and vision, so you can use Zype’s ad timing feature to enhance your product, rather than detract. No longer will ads come in the middle of dialogue, the big twist, or that final kiss.

In the end, everyone is happy. Unless it’s a tragedy, then people will be sad either way! ;)

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