All The Reasons To Love Redemption Codes With Zype

By Chris Bassolino on October 06, 2016

Redemption codes make it a lot easier for your customers to access your content. Zype’s redemption code feature provides a one-time use code for customers to access your content. However, it’s up to you what the code unlocks; it can be your entire video library, specific playlists, or individual videos. You can also choose how to distribute these codes: mail them out, email them, give them away as prizes — it’s all the same to us and totally up to you.

Why use them?

Redemption codes can be useful for a variety of reasons. First, they’re convenient. Simply sell customers codes for a single price and they automatically have access to either all, or a select portion, of your content.

Redemption codes are also useful for distributors of physical media. Simply put redemption codes in the physical packaging of your content so customers have access to your digital media as well.

You can also gift redemption codes, use them for a contest incentive, or use them for a trial period.

How to Use and Redeem Redemption Codes

Redemption codes fall under the “Make Money” dashboard.


Additionally, you can track the status of your redemption codes through the analytics dashboard. All customers have to do is enter the code at prompting and they can watch your content. Our dashboard even allows for automatic processing in case of user difficulties.


Case Study: LuminTV

LuminTV is your go-to for family-friendly content. You can watch already loved tv shows and movies, as well as originals. LuminTV is a great example of a Zype customer that takes advantage of the redemption codes. They harness the Zype platform for monetization, and have just started distributing redemption codes so their customers can access the digital versions of the physical DVDs they have purchased.



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