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Best Pay-Per-View Video Hosting Platforms in 2021

By The Zype Team on June 23, 2021

What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you think about video monetization? Most novice video creators would assume that ad revenue is the only way to earn money from your content. However, inserting ads into your content can interrupt the viewing experience and drive your audience away.

This emphasizes the need for exploring other video monetization techniques, such as pay-per-view streaming. 

In this blog, we’ll delve deeper into the pay-per-view model and explore its benefits. We’ll also take a look at the top pay-per-view video hosting platforms that deserve your attention. 

What is Pay-Per-View Video Streaming?

Pay-per-view-streaming, also known as transactional video on demand (TVOD), is a monetization technique used by various OTT platforms and content creators. 

In this model, you let users access gated content in exchange for a fee. You either allow them to rent the content for a fixed time or provide lifetime access to the content.

The biggest benefit of pay-per-view streaming is that it offers you an alternative to ad-based revenue. It also gives you more control over how the content is presented to users. You can ensure a seamless viewing experience that isn’t disrupted by irrelevant ads. 

Also, it’s an effective way of letting a user get the hang of your OTT platform before they decide to get a paid subscription. It even creates a sense of urgency and compels more users to check out the gated content. You can use the pay-per-view model to monetize both live and on-demand videos.

How to Get Started with Pay-Per-View Streaming?

Pay-per-view video streaming involves three crucial aspects, namely:

  • Pricing
  • Timing
  • Hosting

You need to decide optimal pricing for your content so that you can earn decent revenue without overcharging viewers. For this, you could consider offering tiered pricing plans based on how long a viewer can access the content. 

Also, if you intend to offer video rentals, you must ensure that content is available for longer than the video duration.

It’s just as crucial to choose the right pay-per-view video hosting platform. While you’ll find plenty of free and paid video hosting platforms, not all of them would support pay-per-view streaming. You should also ensure that the selected platform is fast, reliable, and secure.

Top Pay-Per-View Video Hosting Platforms

Here are our top picks for pay-per-view video hosting platforms:

1. MAZ Systems


Image via MAZ Systems

Are you looking for video hosting platforms that are trusted by globally renowned media publishers? MAZ is the right fit for your needs. 

We offer a robust, reliable, and easy-to-use video hosting service. You can even integrate your existing online video player into our platform.

Aside from video hosting, we offer a wide range of solutions for OTT publishers, including app and web development. In addition to pay-per-view video hosting, you can also implement other monetization techniques, including advertising and subscriptions.

The best part is that we support integration with a broad spectrum of OTT platforms. We even offer hosting for live streaming and podcasts.

2. Dacast


Image via Dacast

Featuring an HTML5 player, integrated paywall, and top-notch CDN integration, Dacast is a powerful pay-per-view video hosting provider. 

You can easily upload, transcode, monetize, and manage video content through it. It even supports a wide range of third-party OVPs.

3. Kaltura


Image via Kaltura

Kaltura is a cloud-based, open-source video hosting platform with numerous customization options. This makes it suitable for content publishers and broadcasters who want complete creative control over their video streaming platform. It also supports integration with a wide array of CDN providers.

There’s more to video monetization than generating revenue from intrusive ads. If you decide to go the pay-per-view route, make sure you choose the right video hosting provider.

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