Best Video Content Management Systems in 2021

By The Zype Team on July 12, 2021

2021 is definitely a “video” year.  Online video platform usage is up in nearly every corner of the world. And the demand for online content is not abating any time soon. The OTT market alone is projected to top $1,039 billion by 2027.  

What does this growing appetite for video mean for publishers? It means they need to double down on video publishing and distribution. A video content management system is the cornerstone enabler for scaling your operations. 

What is a Video Content Management System? 

A video content management system (video CMS) is a technical backbone for storing, organizing, managing, and distributing your video content online. Part database, part control panel, a video CMS lets you create a scalable, orderly video library for both internal and publicly distributed videos. 

The main purpose of a video CMS is to help you stay organized and consistent with video management. Using a CMS, you can tag, annotate, search, schedule, publish, and monetize videos from one interface. All without dialing up a tech person. 

That’s a ton of convenience, right? But there are some other benefits too! 

Benefits of a video CMS software:

  • Save time with batch video uploading, encoding, and metadata management 
  • Streamline and automate repetitive workflows 
  • Improve viewing experience and content discoverability 
  • Simplify content management for non-technical users
  • Secure video access, hosting, and management 
  • Exercise better control over video distribution, monetization, and performance 

Best Video CMS in 2021 

Make sure the video CMS you choose can handle both present and future needs. After all, the video streaming market is booming. Thus, you don’t want tech to get in your way! 

The following top 4 picks are robust and simple, with in-built scalability to ramp up your video production. 


MAZ makes hosting video easy and affordable. Unlike other OTT platforms, you can choose to host videos either with a third-party OVP or on our secure built-in hosting. In either case, you get to use our CMS for video content for free with your plan. 

You can benefit from a UX-friendly interface by organizing, managing, annotating, and encoding your video files. Then configure monetization, ad tracking, and cross-device subscriber analytics to learn more about how each video performs. 

Key features:

  • Modern, intuitive video hosting CMS 
  • Fast and secure video import/export 
  • Integrated video monetization tools 
  • Advanced cross-device tracking 

P.S. We also offer a built-in CMS for hosting and organizing your podcasts. 

Microsoft Stream

For those looking for an internal video CMS, rather than OTT CMS solution, Microsoft Stream is a convenient choice. Available with a Microsoft 365 subscription, Stream lets you share videos with up to 10,000 internal viewers in several clicks. This makes MS Stream a great option for hosting corporate training videos, workshops, presentations, and tutorials. Or live streaming company-wide meetings. 

Key features:

  • High-quality playback across devices 
  • Auto-transcription available 
  • Easy integration and setup
  • Convenient video workspaces for users 

Users can also directly import videos from MS Stream into other Microsoft apps, such as Teams and SharePoint.

VideoMeta CMS by Zype 

If you are looking for a lightweight, no-frills video hosting CMS, VideoMeta by Zype is a strong contender. The company offers a host of tools for optimizing video storage and distribution — from multi-output encoding to integrated customer data management capabilities. The best part? Zype also offers unlimited cloud storage for all hosted videos. 

Key features:

  • Bulk video uploading and metadata management 
  • Automated workflows for repetitive tasks 
  • Streamlined content encoding 
  • Convenient video analytics dashboard 

Genus Technologies

Genus Technologies offers a host of individual products and comprehensive solutions for storing, organizing, and integrating different types of content (video, audio, images) with other business apps. Their key video CMS offering is Genus Media Upshot DAM — a dual-purpose platform for enterprise document management and video hosting. 

Key features:

  • Smart content tagging and search capabilities 
  • Well-documented open APIs and connectors 
  • Pre-made integrations with popular database management solutions 
  • Automated content processing and folder hierarchy organization

Secure, collaborative, and scalable thanks to APIs and integrations with other partnering solutions such as Kofax and IBM cloud, Genus Technologies is a solid solution for enterprises. 

Choose the Best Video CMS for Your Needs

Video CMS platforms come with different customer orientations. Some are more beginner-friendly, offering a point-and-click experience for video content management. Others require in-house development resources for setup. 

To make the right choice, determine the level of technical sophistication you need. Then, list up all the must-have features. Prioritize vendors offering most of the necessary features out-of-the-box in tow with your subscription plan. 


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