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The Best Vimeo OTT Alternative in 2021: It's Not the Only Game in Town

By The Zype Team on June 09, 2021

Vimeo is one of the largest over the top (OTT) solutions on the market. And yet, other services are waiting to take your business to fun new levels. The best Vimeo OTT alternative might surprise you.

Why OTT?

Traditional television entertainment remains stuck in the previous century on cable and satellite, where the clock determines when someone's favorite programs first air. The excitement with digital video has been with OTT in recent years, allowing consumers to enjoy their favorite content 24/7 across multiple platforms and devices. The only requirement: an active internet connection.

There are various reasons for OTT's growing success, from ever-faster internet speeds across much of the U.S. to more platform accessibility. Today, OTT content extends to smart TVs, mobile devices, and everything in between, making it possible to attract more viewers than ever before.

One of the beauties of OTT development is that it's ideal for creators of all sizes and backgrounds. Today, OTT creators aren't just Netflix and Amazon; it includes local bands, independent movie directors, Instagrammers, lawyers, yoga instructors, and more.

What is Vimeo?

There's much to love about Vimeo when it comes to OTT integration. Some cite the service's customizable player, embedded video process, and robust storage options as positive reasons to use. Others, however, have found using it has led to live stream freezes and audio issues. On Trustpilot, Vimeo has an embarrassing 86% 1-star customer ratings. A poor user experience and high cost of entry are both noted as the reason for the bad rating.

Vimeo is a suitable solution for any organization looking to reach small audiences and less inclined to get involved in monetization. Larger businesses will find their pricing structure less appealing.

Best Vimeo Alternative in 2021: MAZ

If you're a creator looking to find long-term success with OTT, finding a partner who addresses all of your needs is crucial. If you want a Vimeo alternative, look no further than MAZ.

The company has a long history of empowering content creators of all sizes. The MAZ platform covers everything, from mobile and TV streaming apps, to Apple News and gaming consoles. The world's top video brands and channels have used MAZ to serve millions of viewers every day. Clients include Wired, TMZ, Outside TV, and many others.

Key Features

MAZ offers a high-quality and quick turn-key OTT solution at an unbeatable price. Better still, MAZ requires no coding or design experience for your team to get started. This commitment provides a terrific balance of developer and content creators, bringing the two worlds together. The company's many options let you create and post your unique content to various platforms with ease and at the same time, including mobile, Apple TV, Android TV, Roku, Amazon Fire TV, smart TVs apps, and more.

Within months, you can launch your OTT channel and increase your engagement by many folds. And when design changes are needed, you won't have to wait. You can make adjustments on the fly and see changes in real-time, before they go live.

On the backend, MAZ provides powerful tools for running ads, freemium, SVOD, AVOD, paywall subscriptions, analytics, and more. Additionally, you can integrate directly with Google Ad Manager, SpotX, native ad sponsorships, and others.

Are you already working with Vimeo or another OTT provider? No worries, as we will help you make the switch.

MAZ has nearly 1,000 apps live across the many OTT platforms, with more added weekly. It provides high-quality, quick, and affordable solutions, regardless of your company size. It's a great Vimeo OTT alternative.

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