Meet Zype and the Backlight team at NAB, Booth W3157
Meet Zype and the Backlight team
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How Co-working Spaces Can Utilize Smart TV Apps

By The Zype Team on November 08, 2019

With the popularity of co-working spaces at an all time high, it’s no wonder businesses are rushing to accommodate millennials in need of affordable, communal offices. Thanks to pioneering startups like WeWork Green Desk, leasing shared offices have become the norm for many landlords looking to fill empty inventories. 

But it’s not just about free coffee and cheap desks anymore. These days, co-working spaces have to offer competitive perks to lure away customers away from the competition. One of these ways is offering a smart TV app to help organize and push out content for the slew of renters in the building. By investing in a streaming app, co-working businesses stand to give both existing and new customers personalized experiences outside their workspace. 

Community building: 
As a co-working space, one way to build a vibrant community is by showcasing the emerging companies utilizing the real estate to grow their own business. A streaming app can be used to run content, including interviews and behind-the-scenes workplace videos, to help clients’ office neighbors get to know them better. Highlighting what customers are using the shared space for can not only provide a sense of like-minded community, but potentially result in collaborations and other networking opportunities within the co-working space. 

Stream live or recorded events:
As a built-in feature, shared offices already act as a community center in need of daily foot traffic. And what better way to showcase private events and happenings at the space than by allowing hosts to stream them live through your official smart TV app? Not only will absent attendees have the ability to tune into seminars and talks, but streams also act as free advertising for potential customers looking at your locations.

Keep local customers in the know:
Co-working spaces also have an opportunity to provide members with important local news, as well as run sponsorships that can be pushed out via a companion mobile app. Whether it’s live streaming on-sight events or spotlighting companies working out of the co-working space, this sponsored content adds another source of revenue. Furthermore, the shared space’s members will also find the app’s perks appealing by not only receiving local promotions, but also free advertising for their own company to help expand their business.

Present exclusive current offers:
As previously mentioned, shared offices are now ubiquitous. So in order to stand out, companies are offering promotional rates to stay ahead of the curb. By implementing the companion mobile app, shared office providers can push out important information and exclusive promotional offers to current tenants. By tailoring deals to specific members at various locations, co-working space chains can target the right community members to help retain them. 

With customizable app layouts, live stream capability, MAZ offers support of all major content formats, as well as monetization tools to help make your co-working space in demand. If you’re interested in learning more about launching a custom app for your business, including the addition of subscriptions and ad support, reach out to a team member here at MAZ.

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