Create a Roku App in 6 Easy Steps (2021 Update)

By Taylor Kirchwehm on May 24, 2021

Zype is continually working to make our platform better and more user-friendly. You may have noticed our new and improved Amazon Fire TV app builder. Now it’s Roku’s turn. Our new Roku app builder now has a more dynamic and intuitive workflow, with user interface improvements that include detailed inline tooltips, helper images, and better form fields. There are also improvements to the look and feel of the Roku app itself, including a SceneGraph that’s similar to Netflix. With an improved design and more self-service documentation, you now have the ability to produce and publish a Roku app using our software platform with minimal developer support. That means you can get back to doing what you do best—creating content.

To access the new Roku flow, head over to Manage Apps . Click on Create an App and select Roku from the push-button column.

Plan to take about 20-30 minutes to complete this flow. Before you start, we recommend having completed the following steps:

1. Prepare Images : Please review the Roku image guidelines to learn about the image and branding requirements for Roku.

2. Content Structure : Refer to these content guidelines to learn how to structure your content for Roku and other apps.

3. Monetization (optional): If you plan to monetize your content, you must first create a Roku Developer account before you’ll be able to configure monetization on Roku.

Roku App Builder Demo

Step 1 - Basics


Once you’ve selected the Roku endpoint, you’ll be prompted to enter the basic details of your Roku app such as a title and description to distinguish your app within the Zype platform.

Step 2 - Theme


What aesthetic and mood would you like your app to have?

Choose between a Light and Dark option for the overall theme. The Brand Color is required for Roku and allows you to enter a specific HEX # as the accent color to give your app subtle pops of color. You can also choose to add an optional About page, it will be accessible from the side menu of your Roku app and give an overview of the content your app offers.

Step 3 - Images


There are some images that are required for app submission such as a channel store image, header logo, and splash screen. You have the option of uploading an overhang logo during submission, but it is not required. We outline all of the image pixel requirements in Step 3 of the app builder flow. Learn about specifications for Roku image assets .

Once you’re ready to submit your app, you’ll be asked to upload these image assets within Roku’s submission portal. We suggest creating a folder and keeping these image assets easily accessible to speed up the submission process. For a more detailed explanation of these images, please visit Roku's Developer Guide.

Step 4 - Monetization


Enable advertising, universal subscription or in-app subscriptions and purchases for your Roku endpoint. Monetization is optional, and if you choose to keep all disabled, your app will be free until you enable and complete all requirements for the option of your choice.

It’s important to note that in order to monetize your Roku app, you must first create a Roku Developer account.

After you’ve completed all the steps within this flow and have saved your settings, there will be some additional steps that are outlined in the inline tooltips to fully enable the monetization of your choice. We also email you the list of instructions with your app package. Additions or edits to monetization will update your app in real-time, so feel free to make changes after submission.

Step 5 - Features


We offer some additional features to enhance the user experience on this final step such as Autoplay and Video Limit per Playlist.

Enabling Autoplay allows your videos to play back-to-back to keep your audience engaged and watching your content.

Enabling Video Limit per Playlist allows you to set a maximum number of videos that will load within any one playlist row. We recommend 50 videos at the most to ensure best load time.

Step 6 - Your app is ready! Time to submit it to Roku.


You will only be allowed to continue to Save and Publish if you’ve completed all 5 steps of the flow and each step has a check mark displayed next to them. If you see a red exclamation mark next to any of the steps, you will need to go back to that step and correct the form field error before moving forward.

Click Continue to have your bundled app package emailed so you can submit the app or pass it to one of our marketplace partners or an external developer to customize your app further.

Now let’s get your app submitted to Roku’s marketplace! Whenever you're ready to submit, follow the instructions that are outlined in the email to self-publish your Roku channel.

Working with an in-house or external developer to submit your app? We have outlined step-by-step instructions for developers that are creating and publishing your Roku channel powered by Zype’s Endpoint API service.


Note - Roku takes roughly 6-8 weeks to approve and push your app live to the marketplace.

We’re here to help you be successful at producing and publishing your Roku channel using our video platform.

What do you think of the new flow? Shoot me a note at if you have questions or want to chat about what’s worked or hasn’t worked for you.


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