Yes, You Can Create Fire TV Apps With No Coding Required!

By The Zype Team on June 16, 2021

Amazon's Fire TV platform is one of the most popular home streaming services in the world. Through Fire TV smart televisions, Fire TV Sticks, and the Fire TV Cube, and tablets, millions of potential customers are out there waiting for you to entertain them.

Creating a Fire TV app as a video provider isn't nearly as difficult as you might imagine. Better still, after developing a Fire TV app, you can bring your content to other platforms with ease.

Why Fire TV

According to a March 2021 Strategy Analytics survey, Amazon's Fire TV became the market leader for connected TV devices in 2020 for the first time. It rose to the top as global sales of overall connected TV devices reached 305.3 million units, increasing 7.6% year-over-year.

Further, according to MarketWatch, at the end of 2020, there were 240 million U.S. online streaming users. In five years, it's expected that revenue in North America alone could top $94 billion, according to MediaPlayNews. And, as Uscreen explains, OTT producers have seen a 30% rise in profits

All these numbers show why the time is now to invest in Fire TV app development for your business or organization.

Why Choose MAZ as Your Amazon Fire TV App Builder

To become a Fire TV app developer, you must choose a software partner with the experience to get the job done. This company should also cater to creators of different backgrounds and sizes, not just to heavyweights like HBO Max and Netflix. Today, producers include dancers, YouTubers, independent movie directors, fitness gurus, and more. 

Of the many TV app software providers, MAZ is the one you should consider the most. It features an easy-to-follow dashboard that doesn't require coding experience or design savvy. MAZ also knows it's important to provide a quick turnaround when changes are necessary. This is also why MAZ provides a real-time overview of changes before they go live. You can make adjustments and see changes in real-time before making them go live. During development, be sure to explore MAZ's rich library of layouts and designs to customize the user experience. See everything in your brand colors, fonts, custom structure, and more. For further engagement, MAZ offers built-in personalized fees and profiles.

Behind the scenes, MAZ provides powerful engagement and marketing tools such as SVOD, AVOD, analytics, paywall subscriptions, running ads, freemium, and more. You can also integrate directly with native ad sponsorships, SpotX, Google Ad Manager, and others.

Additionally, MAZ's solution doesn't stop at Fire TV app development. You can also push your content to other platforms, including Apple TV, Android TV, Roku, mobile app stores, and more.

What about live video on Amazon Fire TV?

Are you primarily looking to bring live content to Amazon Fire TV? MAZ can assist you here as well. Our software is a pain-free solution that doesn't just make it easy to stream live video. It also includes features to keep customers engaged and coming back for more. For example, with simulated live streams, you can automatically fill in any unexpected holes when problems arise, so users remain entertained and don't leave the app.

You can also set pre-recorded content to play seamlessly before and after a live event. That way, end-users are more likely to stick around to see what other content you provide.

Whether for OTT, live video, or a little bit of each, MAZ has what it takes to bring your content to Fire TV in very little time. The MAZ platform covers everything, from mobile and TV streaming apps to Apple News and gaming consoles. Today, the world's top video brands and channels have used MAZ to serve millions of viewers every day. Excited to begin your journey with MAZ ?

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