Dear Dish: Do Millennials Really Need Another Bundle?

By Chris Smith on January 20, 2015

Come the close of Q1 2015, millennials may have another outside-the-box option for accessing cable outside the “box.”

Dish Network is expected to release an over-the-top television service called Sling TV that will include 12 cable television channels for only $20 a month. They will be accessible from almost any device and will include sports, lifestyle, family, and news networks.

The devices? Amazon Fire devices, Roku devices, the Google Nexus player, a number of LG and Samsung smart televisions, the Xbox One, all iOS and Android mobiles, and desktop/laptops that run Mac and Windows.

The channels? ESPN, ESPN2, TNT, TBS, Food Network, HGTV, Travel Channel, Adult Swim, Cartoon Network, Disney Channel, ABC Family, and CNN.

That's a lineup to be proud of -- unless, perhaps, you are fond of The Big Bang Theory , The Walking Dead , American Horror Story , NCIS , or Game of Thrones . Then the lineup may seem to miss that something special. Those are the most-watched shows for millennials, On Screen Media points out.

By the way, Sling will also miss out on MTV and Comedy Central. And it will won't work with the Playstation 4 or Chromecast. And it won't have the option to record viewers' favorite shows.

Sling TV might be cutting the cord from "cable," but bundling is still a burden that many consumers look to get rid of. After all, how many 20-somethings are both sports fanatics, foodies, and family melodrama junkies? At $20 per month, it's not necessarily a great value. We believe that, through direct-to-viewer apps -- whether for sports, food, or the occasional 7th Heaven episode -- we must deliver value as an industry with the exact content the consumer wants.

Even with these drawbacks, it's good to see a big player announce another OTT offering. There is no telling how big it will get, and the more it grows, the more shows Dish may add throughout its lifetime. One wonders, though, whether those additions will come at an even higher cost than the base listed above.

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