Embeddables Roundup - What you Can Do with Zype’s Embed Services

By Chris Smith on September 12, 2017

Having the power to distribute your video to everywhere your viewers are—from branded apps to your website—is one of the biggest advantages of going OTT. The easiest way to engage directly with your audience is to publish your on-demand and live video content directly onto your website. You own and operate your website, giving you control over your content, revenue and messaging. Plus, embedding video on your website increases discoverability, enabling you to attract and convert more subscribers. Lastly, website integrations can be deployed immediately, whereas app development can sometimes take several weeks or longer depending on marketplace approval.

It’s as simple as copying and pasting. Unlike other embed web players from YouTube or Vimeo, Zype’s embed services are powerful tools to transform your website into a fully owned and operated video streaming destination for your audience.

Zype’s embeddables service goes beyond simply adding a video to a webpage. Zype offers several different types of embeds that allow content owners to harness the power of the zype platform directly on their website, from generating subscription, purchase, and rental revenue, to managing consumer accounts, and more.

All videos and playlists hosted by Zype have easy to use embed codes designed to be dropped into a web page, wherever you need them, so your viewers can play videos directly on your desktop and mobile site. Using an embed code is easy; it’s as simple as clicking the ‘Copy to Clipboard’ button and pasting the snippet where you’d like your video to be displayed.


This feature makes it easy to get up and running quickly with monetized videos on your site. You always have the option to include a paywall, for any type of monetization including subscription, purchase, and rental.

Learn how to embed videos and playlists to your website, here.

Monetize Video Hosted on Your Website

Unlike an embedded YouTube or Vimeo player, Zype’s embeddable web player enables content owners to make money the same way they do on OTT apps, directly on their website. Have any combination of free, subscription, purchasable and rentable single videos or entire playlists available on your website with Zype’s embed player.

Require a Subscription

Zype’s embeddable subscription widget allows you to require users to have a subscription to watch content hosted on your website. You can automatically require a subscription for all videos, or manually manage which videos or playlists are behind a subscription paywall. The subscription widget allows users to login to their account directly from the embedded web player, in addition to managing their account and linking an OTT device.

Read more about how to setup and use Zype’s subscription widgets on your website, here.

Sell or Rent Videos

You also have the ability to require users to purchase or rent the content embedded on your website. You can manually manage how your video content is monetized across devices under your video or playlist monetization settings on the Zype Platform.


See more about enabling videos for purchase & rental, here.

<strong>Sell Playlist Bundles</strong>

You can also sell or rent video bundles or playlists within your web embed player. It’s up to you how you want to package and merchandise your video content within web embeds. You have the ability to offer users either purchase videos individually at one price, or the entire video collection for the bundled price.




Read more about configuring playlist bundles, here.

Allow Users to Log-in and Subscribe

In order for subscription businesses to be successful, they need to continually add new subscribers to account for subscriber churn. To increase subscriber acquisition and retention, content owners need to make it as easy as possible for subscribers to sign-up and sign-in. Zype has several types of subscription widgets to improve your user’s experience on your website.


The Subscription Widget - This allows viewers to sign up for a subscription directly from your player so they can watch content on your website.

The Device Linking Widget - This allows viewers to sign up for a subscription from your web player and link their device (Roku, Amazon, Apple, etc.) so they can watch content on your OTT apps.

The Account Management Widget: This allows subscribers to manage their account from the web player so they can update their credit card, change their subscription plan, reset their password, and update other basic information.

Learn more about Zype’s subscription widgets and how to add them to your website, here.

Offer and Redeem a Coupon Code

Zype’s redemption codes are easy and effective marketing tools that any content owner can leverage to scale their video business. You can use Zype’s redemption code widget to offer coupons and discounts to your users directly from your web embed player, or allow consumers to redeem offers they’ve received.

Learn more about how to use Zype’s redemption code widget, here.

Make Video on Your Website Easy to Share

Over 500 million people watch videos on Facebook every single day and the majority of users on Twitter, not only watch videos, but it’s also where they discover new content. Clearly, social is a powerful tool for promoting your content, so it’s important to make it easy for your viewers to share.


It’s easy to publish a shareable web player using Zype’s embeddables, you can learn how to enable social sharing controls for your Zype embed player, here.

Add Upload and Search Functionality Your Website

Zype’s upload and search widgets allow you to access your Zype video library, without having to go through the Zype dashboard. You have the ability to secure access to these embeds, as they are more internal tools to make video management and promotional tasks easier.

The Upload Embed Widget - this enables you to upload videos to the Zype platform from your website.

The Search Embed Widget - this allows you to perform searches of your Zype video library from your own website. You can use this embed to easily search and grab embed codes for your Zype videos without going to the Zype Dashboard

Learn more about how to use and secure the upload and search embed widgets on your website, here.

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