Engaging Audiences on Connected TV: Webinar Recap

By Chris Smith on December 14, 2017

This week, we joined our friends at Tapad to host a webinar on how content owners and advertisers should be leveraging connected TVs and streaming devices to expand their reach in 2018. OTT continues to expand and there are now enormous audiences using Connected TVs and other streaming devices to watch TV. One thing is clear, it’s more important than ever to have the ability to connect and engage with your audiences across all devices. Presenting, we had Zype’s COO and OTT expert, Chris Bassolino and Tapad’s VP of Video, Paul Sluberski the expert on cross-device advertising.

If you missed it, you can access the full webinar here!


Both Zype and Tapad help customers connect with audiences and consumers directly, across every device. On the video distribution side, Zype makes it easy for content owners to build and make money from their own branded streaming destinations. Zype enables customers to build and publish their own branded apps with integrated push-button tools across all device marketplaces, then distribute curated content instantly to all those endpoints. On the ad targeting side, Tapad’s Device Graph helps brands to serve better-targeted advertising to audiences across-devices by helping them understand and measure consumers with unprecedented insights.

The CTV Landscape

Over 50% of US households are OTT enabled

38 million households are using streaming devices

28 million households are using Connected TVs

Millennials use streaming services the most and consume over half the ad views on OTT devices

There is no question that huge numbers of people are replacing or supplementing traditional linear TV with streaming services and using Connected TVs and streaming devices like Roku and Amazon Fire TV. The content available goes far beyond the reaches of Netflix and Hulu. On Roku alone, there are 4,500+ channels with niche content and brands that focus on everything from kids, sports, lifestyle, religion, travel, news and more.

Monetizing CTV Audiences

CTV’s highly engaged audiences provide advertisers with the opportunity to target down to an individual consumer level. Zype enables content owners to monetize their content using subscription, transactions, and advertising. In many cases, Zype customers are able to leverage multiple monetization models at the same time.

Content owners delivering ad-supported content can optimize their video to not only generate more revenue but ensure the best experience for their viewers by providing advertisers with data to serve the most relevant ads, at the right time.

The viewer’s experience is always paramount, whether you are providing the content or serving the advertisements. Video consumers today expect a personalized experience, from curated content recommendations to ads from brands they’re interested in. After all, no one wants to be this guy 🐝….

Want more expert advice on how you can start leveraging Connected TV? Watch the webinar and  learn more about how to:

Publish branded OTT apps across marketplaces & devices

Understand the OTT landscape and audience

Optimize content for ad integration on CTVs

Leverage CTV experiences for a cross-device targeting

Measure CTV results with the precision of digital

Harness the power of Zype's video infrastructure