Forecast Earning Potential for Ad-Supported Streaming with Zype’s Video Advertising Revenue and Expense Model for Streaming Infrastructure

While ad-supported streaming is not a new concept (think Youtube), the past couple of years have shown major growth in the space. From Xumo to PlutoTV, more and more players are joining the ad supported video and AVOD space, but it’s still uncharted territory for many. 

The most critical question for any business looking to launch an ad-supported streaming service is how much money they can expect to make. It can be intimidating to enter a new video space, so Zype has developed the Video Advertising (AVOD) Revenue and Expense Model for Video Streaming Infrastructure to make things easier. 

Zype’s Video Advertising Model allows businesses to forecast their advertising revenue and expenses prior to launching their service in order to present detailed forecasts to stakeholders, management, and creators in their network.

How to use the Model:

It’s important to note that in order for the model to be useful, estimates must be realistic and based on your own assumptions on your current performance and forecasts data,

  1. Click on the model link here
  2. Make a copy of the model for your own use by going to File > Make a Copy or File > Download as > Microsoft Excel
  3. Input estimates you want to test into the blue cells (do not edit any cells that are not blue)
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Be sure to also check out our Subscription Revenue Forecast Model to compare and contrast the different options for monetizing your video.

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