Getting Started with VidOps

By Laura Balboni on January 07, 2019

We can all agree that the “people and process” elements of high-performing streaming video organizations are as important as the technology we use.  Yet, too many video operations teams are bogged down by complexity, siloed data and poor collaboration.

To address these issues, we created the open VidOps framework to help you work smarter and thrive in today’s dynamic video market. In addition to our complete Zype video infrastructure platform, we have stepped back, organized our learnings from customer insights, and developed new thinking and approaches to connect teams, tools and workflows.

Here’s how you can get started with VidOps.

Connect and Simplify with VidOps

VidOps outlines a holistic approach to streaming video management and operations. It challenges outdated legacy thinking and processes so you can transform your video businesses and tap unimaginable value. It promotes collaboration and alignment around more efficient and connected processes, and aims to connect business value to video operations.

If this sounds intriguing, you can download the VidOps framework here.

How to Start with VidOps

Because organizational change is always a challenge, having a set of guiding principles is vital.

VidOps Core Principles - important things to understand when developing a VidOps mindset

VidOps is a philosophy and practice to bring video creation, distribution, management and monetization teams under one umbrella, to meet business objectives through collaboration and shared responsibilities.

VidOps must help cross-functional teams set clear objectives and work collectively to create a high performing, value-driven and efficient video lifecycle environment.

VidOps is a strategic initiative — to transform the streaming video lifecycle by unifying all teams, tools and processes into a single business process.

Going a step further, the VidOps framework outlines actionable steps you can follow to work smarter and deliver more value. Here’s a quick snapshot of the VidOps core tenets that are outlined in more detail in the framework paper you can download:

  • Designate a VidOps Manager
  • Assess current video delivery processes, team, tools and infrastructure
  • Create a unified and measurable matrix of requests, requirements and success goals around video initiatives
  • Collaboratively build targeted audience personas
  • Map short and long-term objectives and audience personas to the video distribution landscape
  • Establish a system-of-record for content, video subscriber and audience-data management
  • Establish streamlined workflows based on collaboration and visibility
  • Think security, reliability, scalability and governance — build from a solid foundation
  • Test early, launch, measure performance and iterate

If your video content management and distribution strategy is fragmented and complicated, you can also look at how Zype can help streamline and simplify your processes.

No matter where you are at with your video operations journey, we believe the VidOps framework will lead to new thinking, and new thinking leads to better outcomes.

VidOps starts with new thinking. Get started today by downloading the framework here.

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