What's New at Zype: Grow Your Marketing Leads with Video Registration Paywalls

By Chris Smith on February 25, 2019

We’re excited to announce the launch of video registration paywalls, the easiest way to capture more marketing leads with video. With video registration paywalls, you can ask viewers to sign up for an account before getting access to your video content. This helps you capture their name and email address to maximize marketing outcomes, without requiring additional payment.


Getting Started with Registration Paywalls

Setting up video registration paywalls on your website is incredibly simple using Zype’s embeds. You can quickly enable registration paywalls for any videos in your Zype library, and then add the video embed code to a page on your website.

Grow Your Marketing Leads with Video Registration Paywalls 2

Convert Viewers Into Marketing Opportunities

Once users sign up for access to the video, their contact information will be stored in your Zype account. You can use Zype’s marketing integrations through Zapier to automatically add these users to email marketing campaigns in tools like MailChimp or Constant Contact.

Grow Your Marketing Leads with Video Registration Paywalls 3

Drive Lead Generation and Revenue Growth with Video Advertising

You can also mix registration paywalls with video advertising, generating revenue on free to watch videos via ads while also capturing viewer information. You’ll need your own ad server and your Zype account will need to be configured to support ad monetization in order to mix registration paywalls with advertising.

Ready to start setting up your video registration paywalls? Head over to our help center to learn more!

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