Hook Viewers by Offering Free Video

By Chris Bassolino on October 02, 2018

When talking to our customers, we’ve noticed one strategy that always seems to help grow audiences: free to watch video content.

Whether it’s a 10-minute segment from Monday’s episode shared on social media, a few live games each season, one complimentary workout, or a seven-day trial, sharing your unique video for free will expose your content to a much wider audience

FREE is a powerful four-letter word with incredible psychological appeal and audiences also love to try before they buy.  By offering a portion of your video library for free, people who may not have otherwise considered subscribing, may discover how much they enjoy and want the services you offer.

It’s not rocket science. If viewers — who would otherwise move along without stopping — can watch the pilot episode without spending a dime and end up loving the show, they are more likely to take out credit cards for the next episode.

Zype customers can easily build hybrid monetization infrastructures, offering various subscription, purchase or rental packages to fit the business.  We support

Advertising Video on Demand (AVOD),

Subscription Video on Demand (SVOD), and

Transactional Video on Demand (TVOD)

— all with the click of a button.

With other options such as pass plans, viewers can purchase limited-time access to designated videos in your library or use redemption codes for complimentary viewing privileges.

Are you convinced? If you haven’t provided free video content, give it a try!

Harness the power of Zype's video infrastructure