How Signal 23 is amplifying LGBTQ+ stories through video

By Rachel DeSimone on June 26, 2020

Video is an incredible medium to tell human stories, and it becomes more powerful everyday as people continue to stream more and more. Americans alone stream, on average, 8 hours a day, so it goes without saying, video plays a massive role in peoples’ lives. At Zype, we have the unique privilege of helping to spread these stories far and wide by powering the video services of networks like Signal 23.

Signal 23 is an American internet broadcasting television network that publishes a wide range of LGBTQ content. Their subscribers receive exclusive access to a catalogue of movies, TV shows, podcasts, music and more. Since 2016, they have used Zype to distribute their video to their Roku iOS, and Android apps. They’ve built a loyal audience of thousands that is growing by the day.

Henderson Maddox founded Signal 23 with the purpose of telling the stories that often go untold. As a Black creator and director, he saw first hand how difficult it was to break into the industry, and decided to create his own platform to give a home to the inclusive content he envisioned.

“A large portion of our audience mainly comes from the LGBT community. There are so many lives that are being lived in the dark due to the way the world has treated the community. We tell those stories and give a place for people to be able to see themselves on film.”

-Henderson Maddox, Founder of Signal 23

Many studies have proven the importance of media representation, especially in marginalized communities that have been disproportionately affected by the lack of such. So many people find solace in the films and shows they watch, and everyone deserves the chance to connect with the stories on the screen in front of them. The connection Signal 23 has built with their audience is abundantly clear.

“Over the years we have received thousands of emails that really expose the impact we have on our audience.”

-Henderson Maddox, Founder of Signal 23

Signal 23 plans to grow their community of viewers as the network launches on Apple TV and Amazon Fire TV in the coming months. They’re also launching a new website on July 1st using Zype’s WordPress plugin.

“Streaming is the new way of television and we are happy to be at the forefront. Our goal is to reach 10k subscribers by the end of the year and implement bigger marketing strategies to really ensure everyone around the world knows what Signal 23 Television is.”

-Henderson Maddox, Founder of Signal 23

Zype is proud to support the video services of many different companies, telling many different stories, to people all over the world. The right video infrastructure simplifies distribution, so companies can focus on what’s important: connecting with their viewers through their video.

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