How to Create a Live Streaming App for Android

By The Zype Team on June 21, 2021
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Are you trying to reach a larger audience with your live video productions? Is there interest in offering live video streaming for Android-based mobile devices? What about on other platforms? Options have flooded the market in recent years that make this possible.

The best live video streaming providers for mobile are also the ones that will seamlessly grow with your needs when you’re ready to move onto other platforms. Typically, businesses offer live video tools alongside video on demand (VOD) opportunities. Highlighted below are three of the best.

Best Live Video Streaming App Providers for Android

Whether you're in need of a live streaming app for Android or iOS, you should focus your search on four factors when selecting a provider: reliability, customization, privacy, and price.

Any solution should be fast and reliable, making it easy for the provider to bring new content to the platforms of your choice. A successful product also makes it pain-free to alter the experience to match your brand’s look and fonts. They also offer safeguards for providers end-users alike. For the former, this means permission levels. For the latter, providing safe and secure access is vital. Finally, when it comes to price, the best solutions offer different subscription levels that scale by user counts.

MAZ Systems

Founded in 2010, MAZ has become one of the most popular live video solutions for mobile. It’s done so by creating a powerful software system that’s doesn’t require coding or advanced technical knowledge. The company also provides various monetization and business tools to help you to bring more customers to the table.

One of MAZ’s most impressive features, simulated live streams, guarantees the entertainment never stops even when there’s an unexpected problem with the live feed. You can also have pre-recorded content play automatically before and after a live event. In both cases, end-users are more likely to stick around to see what other programming you provide. With monetization, MAZ offers paywall subscriptions, analytics, Google Ad Manager integration, and more.

MAZ offers a full-service solution to get your live video app onto the Google Play store in the least amount of time. While you’re at it, the turn-key solution also supports iOS devices and makes it possible for companies to push out live content to TV apps also, including those on Apple TV, Roku, Fire TV, Chromecast, and more.

MAZ customers include Forbes, WIRED, TMZ, and hundreds more.

Vimeo OTT

At Vimeo, live streaming opportunities focus on providing ways for a company to connect with employees, customers, and the community in real-time. Along the way, it offers live production graphics, transitions, and logos to match any brand.

Like MAZ, Vimeo OTT supports Android and iOS and Chromecast, Roku, Apple TV, and Amazon Fire TV. Vimeo customers include Eddie Bauer, Bombas, Lemonade, and Clear.

Vimeo is an ideal solution for any organization looking to reach small audiences and less inclined to get involved in monetization. Larger businesses will find their pricing structure less appealing.


Meanwhile, the Uscreen solution focuses on mixing live streaming with live chat, regardless of the platform. Its interactive, real-time chat box sits right next to your live stream’s video player and works well to increase engagement. You can generate revenue from your live streams by offering users subscription packages or pay-per-view.

Other live video features include a live event countdown, auto-record to VOD, preregistration page, and more. 

Uscreen offers various subscription packages ranging from basic to enterprise. It’s best suited for companies committed to making or growing their web-based video presence.

When you’re looking for a live video solution, it’s important to look past mobile, even if that’s the first place you wish to shine. And make sure it covers customization, reliability, privacy, all for a reasonable price.

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