How to Use Video Analytics to Grow Your Audience

By Taylor Kirchwehm on June 01, 2017

Growth Happens With Analytics

Video creators and business owners making full use of their video analytics can keep the conversation with their subscribers and audience going.

Many video creators and businesses use video analytics as a static way to measure growth, but don’t do a great job at converting this information into a dynamic and sustainable growth strategy.

Everything from audience, engagement, and geographic metrics can be used to help you notice important trends about your content, and therefore, make a direct impact on your business model.

This article will go over how to video analytics to grow your audience, as well as how to integrate an analytical perspective into your growth strategy.

Understand Your Audience

The value of having an in-depth understanding of exactly which people and what demographics are watching your content cannot be overstated when using video analytics for growth.

Taking a look at fundamental demographics such as age, gender, and geographic location of your viewers allows you to glean insight into how to tailor future videos for a positive response. For example, you may find that your latest video went over exceptionally well with a female audience. Instead of overlooking this data as an anomaly, take a deeper look to understand how you can create more content that may achieve similarly high performance.

Ask yourself:

How good are you at mobilizing your retained traffic? While your audience has already expressed an interest in connecting with your future videos, you must still understand the fundamental interests of your audience to get them to watch your new videos.

Do you know where your audience is? This piece of information could help you add appropriate subtitles for certain audiences to understand and engage with your videos better. What's more, if you notice a disproportionate amount of traffic in a new region, you could start creating more content to appeal to those newly opened markets.

Leverage Your Video Consumption Data

Your video playback statistics are a great way to understand how users are consuming and interacting with your content. Your view count may show you how good you are at marketing your videos, whereas the amount of people who actually finish your videos are a more accurate representation of a retainable audience that is more likely to share your video. Since 92% of mobile video consumers tend to share videos with others, creating content that is watched to completion is vital to increasing the probability of social sharing.


Additionally, you may find that your shorter content performs better, whereas your longer forms receive a significantly higher drop off rate. Keep in mind that 5% of viewers will stop watching a video after 1 minute, and 60% will stop watching by 2 minutes.


Without looking at your playback information, you won’t be able to accurately see how engaged your audience is or even what parts of your video they found valuable. Playback analytics help you to get a glimpse at what your viewers want to see. The findings from this data can be implemented into everything from your content marketing strategy to your video production pipeline, and can help to streamline your production process to focus on the parts that create value, and forgo those that don’t.

Final Thoughts

In order to market your videos, you must view them as products that are being consumed. Video analytics provide an excellent reference point to not only understand how your videos are performing, but they can also give you the data you need to adjust any future content and marketing efforts to achieve better results.

Your video analytics shouldn’t merely be something viewed in retrospect. Set goals for your growth using measurable conversion metrics on your videos.  Constantly iterate your production process to reflect the lessons learned from your analytics, and you will get more out of your video content.

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