Introducing The Essential Digital Video Infrastructure Guide for Publishers: 2019 Edition

By Chris Bassolino on July 10, 2019

After dozens of interviews and hundreds of hours of work, we’re beyond excited to announce our brand new downloadable guide -- The Essential Digital Video Infrastructure Guide for Publishers: 2019 Edition.

  • Crafted exclusively for the publishing and media industries, the guide features:
  • 30+ pages of strategic, tactical, and technical information
  • Best practices from 5 industry leaders
  • OTT landscape analysis
  • Breakdown of the 5 core components of digital video infrastructure and how to optimize each to increase revenue

Moving on from the pivot to video, this in-depth guide on how teams are solving the challenges of building and scaling their video infrastructure, highlights five unique hurdles publishing and media organizations are overcoming. From choosing where to distribute content to understanding revenue optimization on a technical level, the guide is meant to bridge technical and business teams together on one unifying goal: ultimate digital video success.

Throughout the guide, you’ll also discover best practices from Tom Lucas, founder of the successful OTT application MagellanTV and Kirby Grines, founder of 43Twenty.TV and more. Beyond these amazing contributors, we interviewed dozens of video engineers, product team members, and business folks knee-deep in digital video at leading publishing and media organizations to craft content catered to specific needs and hurdles they discussed.

Whether you’re on the business, technical, or product side of digital video, we guarantee you’ll find value within the pages of our latest guide.

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