Introducing: The New Zype Brand

By Rachel DeSimone on July 13, 2020

new zype branding

We are excited to announce that as of today, Zype has a new and improved brand. We’ve launched a new logo, symbol, color scheme, and a new website to match. 

As a community of video publishers, partners, and Zypesters, we have grown quite a bit since 2014, but our mission to connect the world’s streaming video and viewers has remained the same. We decided it was time to develop a new look and feel that best represents this mission.

We have replaced our cloud symbol with the new brand symbol featured below.

zype box

Our new symbol is made of two open triangles that represent two abstract play buttons. These play buttons symbolize the two main value propositions of Zype in the video ecosystem: to connect and to distribute.

We have replaced our previous brand colors with the new color scheme below.

zype brand colors

These colors represent both the sophistication and simplicity of Zype. Our platform is sophisticated, yet flexible, offering turnkey APIs and Dashboards to video teams - helping to make building awesome video products easier.

Our new website also reflects the changes we’ve made to our product family.

zype brand colors in action

We’ve categorized our software and services into 6 main product categories: VideoMeta CMS, Video CRM, Encoding, Connectors, Playout, and Content Delivery. These are the core parts of Zype and together, they power our infrastructure for digital video

You may still see our cloud logo here and there while we transition to our new look--no big deal! We love that cloud and it has served us well, but as cloud computing has evolved to be the preferred way technology is consumed, we're excited to move forward.

Regardless of our new look, we are still the same company rooted in core values that put our customers at the forefront of all we do.  We are continuing to make investments in our best-in-class video infrastructure, APIs, and dashboards - with innovative products like Playout, and our industry leading Connectors - along with our powerful Video CMS with unlimited storage and metadata management capabilities.

The video below shows the development of our new brand and symbol in action:

We’re excited to take this new step with you!

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