Introducing VidOps: An Industry Framework for Connecting Video Business and Operations

By Ed Laczynski on October 09, 2018

Working in a fast-paced startup can be a heads-down endeavour.

At Zype, we know that helping customers solve problems and perform better is the best recipe for success. And, like many fast-growing companies, much of that focus centers on new technology.

However, we know that helping customers often extends beyond just our platform. Many times we find ourselves guiding our clients as well — helping them navigate continuous change and aligning the organization for success.

Recently, we stepped back and looked at common challenges facing not only our customers, but also the industry at large. We asked ourselves: how can we help improve the way video and business teams work together? Through our experience and customer engagement, we saw that many legacy models just don’t cut it anymore. In the new era of premium video as a mission-critical, strategic initiative, engaging with customers — the right customers — when and where they want content is everything.

As part of this process, we also looked at other industries that have transformed themselves. Many have followed and adopted Lean-inspired processes to streamline work and ensure each stage of the product/service life cycle is connected. Business goals and priorities were clearly defined and shared to drive every aspect of a products creation and delivery. Movements like Lean Manufacturing, and in the software space, Agile and DevOps, create greater efficiency in development and production, and enabled incredible delivery speeds.

We believe these approaches also can benefit the streaming video industry, by connecting video business and operations.

Based on our observations and experience, our team at Zype created a new process framework that is freely available and open to the industry — VidOps.

VidOps is a set of guiding principles for video-centric organizations. VidOps is not a Zype product or service, but an open and freely available framework to connect teams, tools and processes to help cross-functional teams deliver more value to customers at a faster speed. The framework aims to unify video developers, technical assets, business stakeholders and content operations work into a single workflow.

VidOps is all about breaking down silos between creative teams, production, engineering, marketing, finance, sales, and creating an interconnected workflow. This means better communication, collaboration, automation and working together toward a shared goal and vision set by the business as a whole.

Though introducing a new set of principles and applying new methods can absolutely be difficult, our industry has the benefit of being relatively young, and agile. That gives all of us in the video industry an advantage. We understand that change is vital to our survival, and VidOps aims to address the latest trends to help us perform better and deliver better value to customers..

At Zype, we believe that as viewer trends continue to move toward OTT and alternative video consumption approaches expand in popularity and scope, the potential for complexities and siloed teams will continue to grow. The VidOps framework focuses on helping teams work better together and streamlining workflows, to ensure video teams meet the strategic objectives they have before them.

Want to learn more? We’ve written a white paper diving deeper into what VidOps is, why we need it and  practical steps you can follow to connect teams and workflows.

Get yours here and see for yourself!

Also, VidOps is meant to be an open and collaborative effort, so please reach out to me with your feedback, as we welcome your input to help move VidOps forward.

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