Meet Zype and the Backlight team at NAB, Booth W3157
Meet Zype and the Backlight team
at NAB, Booth W3157

How a Brand Launched 4 Amazing Apps in Just 10 Days with MAZ.

By The Zype Team on October 23, 2020

Here’s a common story for video publishers: They want to launch a new app, but they have a super tight deadline.

At MAZ, we recently worked with a brand just like this. The company had an upcoming marketing campaign in under 2 weeks that needed an accompanying native app. Without the app, they would be wasting their marketing budget and losing out on tons of potential users.

While this organization revolves around a membership-based structure, it was a big goal to launch on the day of their event to reach their audience during this campaign. That’s when they partnered with MAZ. Typically, launching an app can take several months at minimum. Luckily for them, our MAZ Pro Services team was able to get them up and running in time in just 10 days.

So if you’re interested in launching a full suite of mobile and OTT apps in record time, see how the MAZ Pro Services team did it below:


The challenge: 11-day turnaround and all hands on deck.

This company needed a quick and comprehensive app development solution. They saw MAZ as the perfect fit to extend their reach and expand their membership-based organization. Knowing MAZ could satisfy all their requirements and check all their boxes, they quickly decided to partner with us.

The challenge then lied in timing. Their event was slated for September 26th, which would be a major marketing initiative to mobilize their audience ahead of the 2020 Elections. This company signed with MAZ on September 15. Things would have to kick into high gear to launch by that deadline.

The solution: Using MAZ Pro Services to speed up the launch.

The opportunity for user acquisition during this event couldn’t be missed. Bearing this in mind, this customer leveraged MAZ’s white glove service to help get them to the finish line sooner. A total of ten days from requesting Pro Services to having apps ready to go live in app stores across Apple, Google, Amazon, and Roku. Can you imagine signing paperwork and having your apps reach your audience in a week and a half? It is definitely possible with the MAZ platform and some help from Pro Services.

It’s easy to see the benefits of getting your app live and to market as soon as possible. Whether that tight deadline is to sync with events or campaigns for user acquisition or simply to start raising your ad fill rate immediately, it’s a solution for all business models. Even if there is no deadline, start monetizing your app as soon as you can with the helping hand of Pro Services. We understand there are steps during the onboarding process that you may not want to bother with or simply don’t have the time or resources, and that’s where Pro Services can play a major role for you.

The final result: Huge user acquisition from a beautiful app.

Having an app available for download to align with their marketing campaign made all the difference. 75% of their total user acquisition to date came from that day alone. Missed opportunities were not the case as apps were available for download on Apple, Google, Amazon and Roku devices throughout the campaign, attracting many new memberships.

A simple and straightforward app that gets the job done. A key function of the app is to allow their audience to become a member of the organization, which is accomplished through a sign up section.

One of the beauties of the MAZ platform is it’s modularity. This company could add new key features or content at any time they see fit! Knowing this, they created a minimum viable product to hit the market. The main function of the app utilizes HLS live stream feeds, a very common feature employed by many happy MAZ customers. A linear channel used to promote their message to their audience to directly translate in growing their membership-based organization. As they create new content, they know they will be able to add it to their app experience freely. The perfect platform to scale with their growing organization.

What MAZ Pro Services can do for you:

Sure, you can do everything within the MAZ ecosystem yourself and that’s one of the beauties of the platform. But a helping hand never hurts anyone. Why not take advantage of the Pro Services Accelerated App Launch program? The benefits are obvious:

– Get your apps and OTT channels to market faster

– Have a “hands on keyboard” support experience

– Make sure you’re not missing any vital steps to launch

– Focus on the important aspects of your app like design and content, customizing your app to your experience

– Guarantee a smooth onboarding experience with the help of someone that’s been there before


Any company can see the clear advantage to an Accelerated App Launch program, but Pro Services isn’t limited to only your app launch.  You can reach out to anytime to help develop a solution for you and your native app/OTT needs, or get in touch with us on our site here.

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