Learn more about VidOps on Forbes: The Key to Capitalizing on Online Video Trends

By Laura Balboni on March 01, 2019

The following is an excerpt from Forbes where our CEO, Ed Laczynski, recently wrote the article, “The Key To Capitalizing On Online Video Trends? Mastering VidOps,” discussing how the video industry is changing rapidly.

“The growing complexity of video services requires new approaches to quickly deliver value to both the business and customers. One such approach is VidOps. In order to help video content owners keep pace with consumer and video demands, VidOps provides a framework of shared responsibilities, visibility, collaboration and workflows to ensure business requirements are clear and achieved.

You may have heard of the term “DevOps” to describe the methodology that knits together software development, operations teams, and processes into one cohesive process, resulting in faster and more frequent software delivery. In the same way, VidOps is a response to fragmented teams and tools and aims to ultimately speed up production and distribution of video content. There are many moving parts that need to be coordinated; once the product is handed over from creative and production teams, there are a handful of point solutions for things like hosting, encoding, and transcoding. You have a number of experts in-house working with a variety of tools on things like ad stitching and then, of course, running the video diagnostics and analysis.

Increasingly, VidOps managers have emerged to ensure requirements don’t pile up in any area of business. If you are a product owner or manager, VidOps helps align teams and provides visibility to all parties, integrates workflows and fosters collaboration. It aims to accelerate the video product life cycle.”

Check out the full article on Forbes!

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