Live Multicasting: How Content Owners can Leverage the Growing Popularity of Facebook Live, Periscope, YouTube Live and More

By Chris Smith on February 19, 2018


More and more video businesses are incorporating live, authentic, in-the-moment video into their content strategy. Consumers' demand for live video is growing at a rapid pace and now that social platforms have integrated live video directly into their platform, it’s gaining a lot of traction, especially with mobile audiences. But In order to fully take advantage of the opportunity and reach and engage audiences at scale, live streams must go beyond content owners' website and apps, and reach audiences where they already are—on social media.

Social media is an incredibly effective marketing tool for brands to engage and grow their online audience, and live video just makes it that much more powerful. Earning the attention of today’s consumers is no easy task, they are on-the-go and they’re addicted to multi-tasking. The real-time experience of live streaming creates a sense of excitement and immediacy that actively engages viewers and sparks a deeper connection to the brand.

On Facebook alone, there are 1.32 billion daily users watching 100 million hours of video every day and Facebook Live videos are being watched 3x longer than regular videos. 82% of Twitter’s predominately mobile audience watch video content directly on the platform, and now Periscope enables them to watch live as well.

Multicasting enables content owners to easily push their live event to all destinations in the cloud, including social live streaming platforms, from a single source.  For example, the Houston-based sports network, Texan Live recently attended the Humble Rodeo Livestock Auction and multicast the event live to their viewers on their websi te, Fac ebook Live, YouTube Live, and Twitter/Periscope.


1. Expand reach and build audiences

It’s really a simple numbers game—when you push your content to more platforms, you’ll reach more viewers. You want to reach audiences where they already are, and viewers are already on social media, making it the perfect opportunity to grow your audience. Plus viewing on social media is community driven, expanding your reach that much further. Viewers aren’t just engaging with your video, they are sharing it with their social community as well.

2. Drive brand awareness and traffic

Even if you can’t monetize content directly on social media, it is a highly effective tool for driving brand awareness. In order to get viewers excited and engaged with fresh content, many brands leverage social platforms to tease content out, driving them back to their website where viewers can subscribe or purchase content.

3. Allow audiences to discover content

Most social media platforms algorithms prioritize live video, making it show up much higher in search results than it normally would. Plus, social platforms will notify followers when you are live, instantly increasing your content’s exposure for free!

Is your video business taking full advantage of live video?

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