New Analytics Insights Into Your Video Business

Now you can take a deeper look into how customers are responding to your content on a per-video basis.

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Your analytics dashboard has been updated with Most Requested and Most Watched leaderboards.

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Most Requested lists the top videos in your library based on number of impressions. Click on a video title for an even deeper metric breakdown including impressions, geographical data, device statistics, and engagement (average time watched and total plays).

Set a date range and export the data as a CSV to share with your marketing team, colleagues, investors, and friends!

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Most Watched allows you to see your top videos based on total time watched formatted to H:M:S for easy readability.

As a video business owner, you need to know what content resonates with your audience. Having a keen understanding of which videos are popular will help guide your content creation, show schedule, and rights management strategy. Plus, if you have special guests on your show or are looking for investors or sponsors, video metrics help you demonstrate traction and audience engagement.