New App Features for Discovery and Cross-Channel Promotion

By Chris Smith on July 15, 2016

Zype’s amazing engineers are constantly cranking out new updates to improve both the viewer and content owner experience on OTT apps managed through the Zype video platform.

We are excited to announce new third party integrations and cross-channel promotion features that will take your video business to the next level. Fascination TV and YoBoHo New Media properties such as Hooplakidz and All Babies Channel are among the first to implement these new features. Let’s take a look at how they’ve updated their apps!

Tailor ads to fit your specific audience with ColorTV

Fascination TV (FNTV) is a streaming service that’s home to some of the most exciting lifestyle, fashion, travel and documentaries available. FNTV has integrated ColorTV, an international app discovery platform, that helps content owners monetize their applications. ColorTV currently integrates with our Apple TV customers, but as TechCrunch reports, the company looks to expand to connected TVs after raising $1.5 Million in seed funding led by Foxconn.

The ColorTV platform combines real-time analytics and data to help customers better target and reach TV audiences. Unlike traditional television advertising where ads aren’t tailored to a certain market, ColorTV has insight to each individual content viewer. This enables marketers to precisely target different audiences and cater to their specific interests.

“My neighbor is a 75-year-old Japanese man,” founder and CEO, Giancarlo Maniaci, told Tech Crunch, “We have almost nothing in common. So if he and I are both watching American Idol, we shouldn’t be seeing the same commercials.”

Developers have the option to choose from four different ad experiences: discovery center, brand engagement, app feature and video. Furthermore, you can measure the advertisement performance in order to facilitate growth with their analytics.


Increase discovery and build new audiences with Cross-Channel Promotion

YoBoHo New Media integrated cross-channel promotion on their Roku apps. Each channel owned by YoBoHo New Media now displays a new Featured Channels row of content. Each item in this row is a channel that’s part of the YoBoHo network, and when clicked, the viewer is redirected to the new channel.For example, if you’re watching Derrick & Debbie and are looking for similar content, you’re now able to browse through Featured Channels on the main screen and discover All Babies Channel, HooplaKidz, Kids Camp, and Nursery Rhyme Street. This is an important feature for enterprise companies with several channels like YoBoHo New Media, or a media company with partnership cross-promotion agreements in place.

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