What's New at Zype This Week: MRSS Import & APIs

By Chris Smith on August 04, 2017

A New Addition

We’re always striving for excellence at Zype so we hope that every improvement (big or small) has a positive impact for our customers. Here are the latest product updates we’re excited about—let us know what you think!

Restrictions for MRSS Imports by Date Range

You now have the ability to restrict your MRSS imports by date range. With the new optional date range fields, now you can easily control which videos get imported into your library from an MRSS feed based off the video published date metadata (pubDate field in MRSS feeds).





Why it’s useful: If you don’t want to import all the videos within an MRSS feed, just specific videos that fall within a specific date range. You also have the ability to set an optional “from” starting date, but leave the “to” ending date blank, which allows you to set a starting date range but continues to sync new videos added to your MRSS feeds.

How to use it : You can set up date range restrictions when creating new imports or add them to existing MRSS imports. To create new MRSS imports visit the main Import & Upload menu and select MRSS as your import source. To modify existing MRSS imports, visit the Video Sources menu and select the MRSS import you’d like to update.

Manage MRSS Video Source URLs Via API

We’re continuing to improve Zype’s API endpoints. Now, you’re able to update MRSS feed URLs for imported video sources via API. While you’ve always had the ability to update an MRSS feed URL in the admin dashboard, this API update is helpful if you have an existing MRSS feed and need to regularly change the URL and wish to do so programmatically.

This is typically used in cases where you have rotating keys on your feed or other parameters that need to be updated often. You can check out the updated API documentation for managing MRSS video source URLs here.

Did you know?

We’re highlighting some of Zype’s awesome existing platform functionality, for your streaming pleasure!

Configure "Enable At" and "Disable At" Dates for Videos

You can configure “Enable At” and “Disable At” dates for videos, which allows you to schedule when videos will be made active and inactive to your consumer audience.





Why it’s useful: This is handy for any content that you need to make available within specific time frames. For example, if you’re publicizing the release of a new video for a specific date and time, or if you have licensing rules that require that certain videos be sunsetted from public consumption on a specific date.

How to use it: To access this setting, go to your Video Library page and click on the settings page for a given video. If you scroll to the middle of the “Details” tab, you’ll see the “Enable At” and “Disable At” fields.

These settings are used across all distribution endpoints, from Zype player embeds to any set top box and mobile apps configured to ingest video content from Zype.


We are always working to improve, if you have any comments about our updates or the platform let me know at csmith@zype.com


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