Level Up Your Apple TV Apps With Zype's Updated Template

By Rachel DeSimone on January 29, 2021

This month Zype released several new product updates including improved tvOS templates and enhanced dynamic parameter options.

Level Up Your App with the Updated Zype tvOS Template

Zype Apple TV applications are programmed in Swift, allowing you the most modern features available to tvOS apps. As part of our commitment to ensure our templates meet the highest quality market standards, we’ve updated our template application to be Swift 5 based, the most recent iteration of the Swift programming language. Enjoy a sleek new top menu design as well as better performance and compatibility with the latest XCode versions. Learn more about the update and review our FAQs here.


Deeper Connectivity for Ad Servers through New Ad Macros on Self-Hosted Content

If you have self-hosted content in your library, you may have leveraged Zype’s ability to generate dynamic URL parameters against self-hosted manifest requests to connect your ad server stack. For example, you may have imported an HLS stream from your existing hosting provider or SSAI server, which might require dynamic information about the user in order to optimize ad fill. 

Now we are offering even more dynamic parameter options that can be used as URL replacements for self-hosted manifests. We’ve added support for app_bundle along with app_domain and device_model, to name a few. View the entire list of supported dynamic manifest parameters and their uses here.


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