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What’s New at Zype: Publish Videos Instantly Using Video Pages

We’re thrilled to announce the launch of video pages! video pages allow customers to easily publish videos instantly to their audiences on the web. These pages are already optimized with social metadata, so access to these pages can be easily shared on social platforms without having to do custom web development or optimization. video pages have also been optimized for playback on any browser capable device, ensuring audiences viewing on mobile or desktop will have a great playback experience. Importantly, your video pages will also support any monetization and player options configured for your videos, including paywalls and ads or players from different video sources.

What are some use cases for video pages?

We think everyone can benefit from these simple-to-create pages, but below are some sample scenarios that lend themselves nicely to using video pages:

  • You’d like to broadcast a special pay-per-view event without the concern of reconfiguring your existing owned and operated endpoints
  • You want your videos to be optimized for social sharing and play reliably without doing custom integration on your website
  • You’re struggling to find internal development resources and want to publish your videos immediately on the web and through social platforms
  • You don’t want your audience to view other content on your website (this is particularly useful if your website has not yet launched or is in the midst of a revamp)
  • You only want to share a specific video and not your entire video library
  • You’d like to test your newest content without co-mingling with the rest of the content on your website
  • You’d like to view paywall options on content without pushing to all endpoints

Regardless of the reason, publishing videos to pages is a frictionless way to distribute and promote live or VOD content without needing to invest in developer resources.


  • A valid and current Zype account
  • Video content added to the Zype dashboard library
  • Unlocking in your Zype account completed

Ready to start publishing?

Now that you’re familiar with what video pages are and what they can do, the next step is to unlock in your Zype account and get to publishing and sharing your content!

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Anna, Product Team @ Zype