New at Zype - Redemption Codes

By Chris Smith on May 15, 2016

Introducing Redemption Codes, a new way for your customers to access your content! Redemption codes are the latest tool in your arsenal of tactics to build your audience and grow your customer base.

Redemption codes provide one-time use codes for your customers to unlock access to your entire video library, specific playlists, or individual titles. Redemption codes can be printed, emailed or distributed online.

This is an important feature for physical media and DVD distributors who need a way to transition their in-person DVD customers to online streaming customers. Simply insert a printed code into the physical media package, and your customer can go to your website to redeem access to your digital content.

Redemption codes can also be used as a gift, a trial period, or a contest incentive -- however you want to offer limited-time access to your content, redemption codes make that possible.

How to Set Up Redemption Codes in Zype

At the bottom of the ‘Make Money’ dashboard, you can now implement Redemption codes within your existing monetization structure.

Make Money dashboard

Request up to 10,000 codes at once, specify an expiration date and choose which content the redemption codes will grant access to: an individual title, playlist, or your whole library.

The Zype platform will generate codes automatically for you, or you can upload your own codes using our CSV upload tool.

create redemption codes

How to Distribute Redemption Codes

If you distribute physical media and DVDs, have been looking for a way to build a direct relationship with your customers, and would like to transition your video business to digital media, redemption codes can be a great way to bring your customers to your digital video library and build your independent brand. Simply print out the redemption codes and insert them into your packaged media.

Want to gift a valuable customer with a free playlist? Redemption codes can also be emailed.

Distribute Redemption Codes

A redemption code is simply a series of numbers and letters and can be printed or shared digitally - whatever works for your business!

Redeeming Redemption Codes

All redemption code usage is tracked in the activity stream and analytics dashboard.

The code will give the user access to any videos that are available at the time of purchase even if the videos are deactivated one day after purchase. Additionally, any new content that is added to the playlist or library is available for access with the redemption code as well.

One of your customers having trouble entering the code? Our dashboard allows for automatic processing in case of user difficulties.

Use Zype's open API for easy integration to your own website through our Redemption Code API.

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