Revenue Forecast Spreadsheet for Video Subscription Businesses

By Ed Laczynski on July 06, 2017

At Zype, we find that our customers are often challenged by the need to present detailed forecasts to stakeholders, management, and creators in their network that show how a video business can grow.

As a software company, we can relate to this challenge. In our early stages, we also had to build models that allowed us to run our business and communicate growth potential to investors.  We were lucky to have great resources in the marketplace from leaders in SaaS, like Christoph Janz from Point 9 and his great SaaS Metrics model. In fact, we were lucky enough to have Point 9 invest in Zype a few years after we adopted the model they put together for young SaaS businesses.

We noticed that there wasn't anything for video businesses to rely on to provide similar value in forecasting.  Content owners considering or running SVOD based revenue model need basic tools to see how their investments might perform. We've been building these models for our customers for a while and thought it would be a good idea to share a version with everyone.

We are happy to share this revenue forecast spreadsheet for video subscription businesses. Just click the link here! Be sure to also make a copy, and plug in your own numbers.


PS - We are working on a Video Business Metrics model (which would get a bit deeper than this in evaluating some core business drivers). Stay tuned!



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