Roku - Cable for the Rest of Us

By Chris Bassolino on October 08, 2014


Cable TV is expensive.

Consumer pay for channels they don’t want, taxes are out of control, and people are too busy to watch shows when they air in the first place.


Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime have helped ease the pain of making new content affordable, but they don’t come without their own costs. Want to see a new movie? Netflix might have it next year. What about a new show? Hulu might have it tomorrow.

So as a content owner, how do you deliver new videos to consumers without the expense of advertising or coveted relationships with industry executives?

Cue Roku.

Unlike the network provider monopoly, Roku lets video content owners of all stages create their own channels to share with the world.

A few benefits include:

Expanded reach - 500 million streaming devices worldwide

Instant delivery to fans - live content publishing

No red tape - complete control of your content

Increased revenues - flexible monetization strategies for owners

If you’ve ever wanted to be on TV, now may be the time.

Learn more about getting your own Roku channel here.

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