Running Your Video Business With Zype: Responsibility Breakdown

By Chris Bassolino on February 15, 2017

One of the most important aspects of running a business is knowing what you are responsible for. It’s our job to help you seamlessly transition into the OTT realm, but we do so in a way that allows you to have complete control of your business.


We handle the technical burdens of getting on OTT like paywall and ad management and content rules management so that you can focus on content creation and marketing.

All creative aspects of your video business are up to you, of course, because you know your content and your audience best. And because Zype is content agnostic,  we believe in your right to personalize your brand and video content in any way you choose. Therefore, as a Zype customer, some of your responsibilities include content creation, post production, customizing your OTT apps, all third-party integrations, end user customer service, and website design.

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