Zype adds new feature to help customers curate playlists faster, easier

By Anna Hughes on March 19, 2020

Zype’s exclude category tag feature helps you automate your curation workflows, so you can save time managing your video content

Managing and curating your video content shouldn’t be an arduous task. If you’re evaluating your video content pipeline and have found curation to be a bottleneck, you’re not alone. Fortunately for you, as a leader in video content management, Zype has a new feature to help solve your curation problem.

Take for instance the following scenario: you are a fitness studio with thousands of videos already uploaded into your Zype account, and already labeled with category metadata tags like “fitness category: boxing, rowing, spinning” and “content type: free vs premium.”* You initially offered all of your videos for free, but now you’re ready to offer your “premium” content on a subscription basis, so you want to separate out all your content tagged as “premium” to be curated into new category-based playlists.

*TIP: Even if you don’t plan to monetize content today, it’s a good idea to tag videos as premium in advance, so you have content prepared for easy curation later on. 

Do you have to manually re-curate all your videos? Will this task take days to accomplish and cause a bumpy rollout of your new premium service offering?

The last thing you want is to complicate your curation process and aggravate your audience. 

For a bit of industry background, this scenario is pretty common. Oftentimes it’s best to first launch free content and add on paywalls after you’ve gathered some data on your audience. In the case of fitness content, this is a great tactic; offer free classes to start, then paywall your premium content to convert your existing audience to paid members. 

So how can we accomplish this goal without causing you unnecessary time and frustration on the backend?

Fortunately for you, Zype makes it easy! Using category-based playlists and our updated include and exclude category tag features, making these changes will literally take you a matter of minutes. Previously with our category tags, you could only specify tags to include in a playlist; now you can also specify tags to exclude, making it easier than ever for you to alter your automated playlist configuration.

Simply update your existing category-based playlists to exclude any videos with the “premium” tag. These playlists will still hold the free videos you want them to according to your existing tags, but will remove all subscription-required content you want curated elsewhere.

Next, create your premium playlists and set them to include videos with the “premium” tag. Keep all existing tag configurations the same and continue to curate by boxing, rowing, and spinning videos where they need to go.

Interested in learning more about category-based playlists and our new include/exclude feature? Check out our Help Center articles here and here to get started.

We love to hear from you! If you’re already a customer, you can email your account manager with any questions. If you aren’t a customer, you can request a demo today and get started with better video content management and faster distribution to your audiences.

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