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So Your Content Isn’t Family-Friendly. No Worries, Here’s Where To Publish!

So you have really great content that you want to share with your audience, but you’re concerned that it isn’t exactly… PG (we know what you mean). Don’t worry, Zype is content agnostic. We believe that there’s a home for nearly every video, regardless of topic or theme — it’s a just matter of finding the right place that will serve your content best.

Understanding the policies for each platform is vital, and we are here to help. Below we’ve outlined the content restriction policies by device to help you decide where and what content you will be able to distribute.


Read the full Application Distribution Agreement.

Roku offers a diverse array of content ranging from animated children’s television programs like All Babies Channel, to leading cannabis enthusiast lifestyle brand PRØHBTD, to the largest black-owned internet television network Black on Purpose TV, and national firearm talk show Gun Talk Media.

Unless the content is illegal, discriminatory or considered a privacy infringement, Roku will probably accept your channel, ranking their policy the most relaxed.devices-PROHBTD-700x450Roku Restrictions:

  • Use of hate speech (threaten, harm, harass, bully etc.)
  • Infringe or violate any person’s privacy rights or right of publicity
  • Promotion of unlawful or illegal activities including sexual activities amongst minors or facilitate online gambling
  • Manipulated identifiers that disguise you, your applications, or the origin of any content, services or digital materials

While there is no X-rated adult content available in the Roku Channel Store, developers can create private channels to reach specific audiences without making the channel public to every customer.

If you’re looking to publish content with a more mature subject matter or theme, Roku might be a good option. Read their full Application Distribution Agreement.

Apple TV 

Read the full App Store Review Guidelines.

Apple TV begins their content guidelines much like a sophisticated college presentation does, by quoting Webster’s Dictionary definition of pornography:

Explicit descriptions or displays of sexual organs or activities intended to stimulate erotic rather than aesthetic or emotional feelings.

Apple claims to be very strict about this with a history of stripping Vine and 500px from the App Store because users could search for #porn. However, Apple does not hold its biggest partners to the same standard as the smaller developers. HBO’s Game of Thrones is an example of their “no adult content” rule hypocrisy.

Accepted on Apple TV:

  • Post or quote religious text and/or translations that are accurate and not misleading.
  • Educate customers about weapons and firearms, like Above The Game and Gun Talk, without showing violence.
  • Post professional political satirists and humorists.
  • Get explicit permission to publish videos or other content from third party sources.

devices-AbovetheGame-700x450Apple TV Restrictions:

  • Use explicit words in title/ description
  • Publish pornographic material (as defined by Webster’s Dictionary, of course)
  • Post defamatory, offensive and mean spirited content, especially targeting individuals or specific groups
  • Realistically portray people, children or animals being killed, injured or tortured

Amazon Fire TV

Read the full Amazon Content Guidelines.

Amazon is probably the strictest platform, currently, with very uncompromising pornography and explicit content restrictions. However, unrated (NR/UR) erotic videos, censored erotic work (nudity, graphic titles, and descriptions sufficiently concealed with sensor strips) are permitted.

Due to the volume of content they have to filter through, Amazon does not have time to watch every single video. Amazon may reject content with implicit titles for “sexual explicity” even though their actual content did not breach the pornography policy. This illustrates that Amazon has flagged titles that contain triggers word (ex. “sex” and “porn”) regardless of the content. Content owners should avoid using explicit words in their title and descriptions just to be on the safe side.devices-NightFlight-700x450Amazon Fire TV Restrictions:

  • Publish pornographic content including including X-rated movies, amateur videos and graphic depiction of sexual acts and “soiled undergarments”. (Seriously, it says this)
  • Publish offensive and illegal material including crime-scene photos, human organs and body parts or Cannabis.
  • Publish videos or other content from third party sources without explicit authorization from those sources. Similar to Apple’s restrictions, all movies, trailers, TV programs and music must be authorized and legally permitted.
  • Realistically portray people, children or animals being killed, injured or tortured
  • Unless you are monetizing through advertising, promotional media that is produced and distributed only for promotional purposes will be rejected.

What should you do before publishing to Amazon TV?

  • Be aware of cultural differences and sensitivities
  • Get permission for movies, trailers, TV programs and any music
  • Get permission to use celebrity images and/or celebrity names
  • Since they are a pretty strict platform, as a last resort, consider removing mature content that may be rejected by Amazon

Let’s find the right home(s) for your content

Zype is proudly content agnostic. We understand that customers have content that covers a wide array of topics and themes, and we love and welcome (almost*) all varieties without judgment. We’re here to help you find the right platform that will enable all your content to thrive! Together we can grow your video business while finding a happy home for your content.

* Customer content must not be defamatory, indecent, or infringe upon intellectual property or data privacy rights of any third party. Read our full Terms and Conditions for more details.