Supercharging the YouTube Playbook: Part 1

By Chris Bassolino on June 16, 2014

This blog series provides tips on using Zype’s next generation video platform to Supercharge the strategies outlined in the YouTube Playbook.


If you haven’t checked out the YouTube Playbook, you can view and download it here./p>

First let’s jump into the Playbook, then see how to supercharge it.

This week is “Calls to Action.”

Playbook Strategy - Direct viewers during the video to take actions that build engagement and audience.

YouTube Playbook CTA’s

Subscribe. Invite viewers to subscribe to your channel and give them good reasons to do it!

Watch more. Direct viewers to the next episode, a new video or a playlist.

Like/share. Ask viewers to like or share a video; this broadcasts to the community and brings new viewers to your work.

Comments. Ask for comments! Posing specific questions will boost participation.

Supercharge Edition CTA’s

Visit branded portal. Direct your audience to visit your branded destination site to view all your content in a single location.

Almost all YouTube channels include links in their “About” section to merchandise, social media profiles, blogs, and other content. Many of these links allow new ways for fans to connect with or consume related content from the YouTuber, however the experience is fragmented versus being viewed through a single integrated stream.

Zype allows YouTube channel owners to easily create owned & operated video destination sites and mobile apps with the power to unite all your separate sources of content into a single immersive experience.

It’s flexible nature lets channels include multiple sources of content and metadata, helping increase YouTube earnings revenues as well as providing direct access to your entire audience.

Downloadable mobile app. Let viewers watch content from their mobile devices and receive push notifications from you in real-time.

Zype’s fan app allows you to easily create an iPhone app from your YouTube channel. All you need to do is connect your channel and upload custom branding. You can also link up social networks, personal websites, and send messages directly to users. Time to complete: 10 minutes!


We’ve been hard at work with YouTube channel owners from our waitlist. Sign up now so you too can get early access to Zype’s platform and easy app creator:

In Part II we’ll look at additional calls to action and share best practices for scheduling new content releases.

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