Tenents for VidOps Success

By Chris Bassolino on October 29, 2018

At Zype, we think big.

Big ideas that make super complex workflows simple. And, big ideas to help teams work better to deliver value faster.

Along the lines of thinking “big,” we recently took the bold step of introducing VidOps — an open and freely available framework to help unify teams, processes and tools. Our aim is to move the industry conversation forward, toward better collaboration and smarter approaches.

We are excited to share the VidOps framework with you, the industry and even our competitors. We created an open and inclusive vision for video operations to drive engagement and value to the business. In today’s dynamic video streaming industry, where cord-cutting is rapidly winning the market, we realized that legacy business models among teams are not going to cut it — the market is too complex.

We want you and your organization to deliver awesome video at speed to your targeted audiences, and we recognize the need for holistic data to understand customer behaviors, interests and viewing preferences. It’s time to transition away from the approaches and models that no longer serve our industry, and a shared mindset across teams is the key to achieving video business goals.

We believe the VidOps approach can help you get there.

VidOps takes all the current (and future) industry challenges and trends into account, and resulted in practical, core tenets you can follow.

What are VidOps Tenets?

In the simplest terms, VidOps tenets are requirements for VidOps success. By taking a more unified approach to the streaming video lifecycle, shifting out legacy thinking and processes, teams can achieve better collaboration and alignment around a more efficient and value-based, video-centric business.

As outlined in our VidOps paper, the following tenets are key elements to a more collaborative and productive video delivery and management process:

Designate a VidOps Manager

Assess your current video delivery processes, team, tools & infrastructure

Create a unified and measurable matrix of requests, requirements and success goals around video initiatives

Collaboratively build targeted audience personas

Map short- and long-term objectives and audience personas to the video distribution landscape

Establish a system-of-record for content, video subscriber and audience-data management

Establish streamlined workflows based on collaboration and visibility

Think security, reliability, scalability and governance — build from a solid foundation

Test early, launch, measure performance and iterate

These VidOps tenets encompass the approach you can follow to ensure streamlined teams, tools and processes. The result is a focused video business that delivers content to a dedicated audience -fast.

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