The 5 Best Video Hosting Platforms for Online Courses

By The Zype Team on September 02, 2021

YouTube and Facebook remain popular social platforms, with video an essential draw for each. Additionally, thanks to high-speed broadband internet access, high mobile penetration rate, and an increased need for all things remote, online courses are an ever-popular choice for anyone looking to earn a degree. So naturally, those courses are better with video. 

What Makes a Great Video Hosting Platform? 

When looking for a course hosting platform, it must offer high-quality video streaming with plenty of customization tools, allowing the finished product to match the organization’s colors, logos, and the like. A good starting point is a customizable video player that offers a robust API, analytics, and content delivery network. Behind the scenes, comprehensive security tools should also be available to protect your content on the hosting platform. Regarding video quality, look for a provider with no restrictions on video length or screen resolutions. Sloppy video is not a great starting point for anyone interested in registering for online courses, especially paid content. 

Take a look at the best video hosting services for online courses and what makes them unique. 


Zype provides all the tools education providers need to get their video streaming business to market quickly. This means direct web publishing tools, web content management plugins (Javascript and WordPress), connected TV and mobile app builders and reference applications that are pre-plumbed for all the distribution business bits, and a partner marketplace to help customers that need it to get the services they need to implement quickly.


Vimeo for online courses is a popular choice for many because of its ease of use and customization offerings. The service also offers WCAG 2.0 AA and Section 508 standards for accessibility. In addition, Vimeo offers plans that differ (sometimes significantly) based on the features they offer. Finally, the ability to select from numerous packages makes it easier to avoid paying for unnecessary features. 


With Vdocipher, organizations can stream content through apps and websites. Best of all, Vdocipher protects this content through DRM encryption and watermarking technologies. Additionally, with optimized encoding, students with slower internet connections can view your videos. 

For video hosting of online courses, Vdocipher offers API plug-ins, a custom player, offline app playback, transcoding, and per video analytics. With AWS-powered servers and an efficient CDN infrastructure, Vdocipher provides services for customers across six continents. 


Businesses and colleges alike have often turned to Panopto for video hosting for online courses. In addition, organizations can use the service to host live and on-demand content and fully integrate with learning management systems. Panopto also includes seamless integration with several communication tools, including Zoom, Teams, and Webex. 

Panopto is used by some of the largest universities in the U.S., providing a one-stop solution for students and faculty where video assets are kept in one secure location. From lectures, guest presentations, live webcasts, and more, Panopto has a lot to offer as an online course hosting platform.


Scalability is an important selling point for Brightcove, which handles 875 million views a week with 99.95% uptime. The company’s success is driven by 16 global data centers built for a worldwide audience. With Brightcove, content is protected through digital rights management (DRM), domain and IP restrictions, and much more. 

Brightcove offers many of the same features as the solutions mentioned above, including website and app support, live streaming, and security.

There are lots of solutions for online courses. These come at various price points and with different features. The five present here are great video hosting platforms. Check each of them out to find the one that's right for your organization. 


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