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Meet Zype and the Backlight team
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The Best OTT Services to Grow Your Video Business.

By The Zype Team on October 06, 2020

The world of over-the-top content (otherwise known as OTT) can be complex. On its face, OTT is the technology that allows viewers to stream videos over the internet. But behind the scenes, there are hundreds of companies and OTT services that make it all come to life. Without this technology, there would be no Netflix, no Disney+, no YouTube, no streaming video as we know it.

So what are these OTT services? What do they do, how do they work and what do you need to get started as a business in over-the-top streaming? If you’re asking yourself any of these questions, you’re in the right place. Our team at MAZ has spent over 10 years helping video brands launch their own branded TV streaming apps. As one of the world’s leading OTT services, we know the industry inside and out.

So if you’re looking for an introduction into the world of OTT services, read on below.


What types of OTT services do I need?

There are a few basic services that any OTT business needs to start making money.

First, you need a video hosting solution. Video hosting allows you to save your videos on a third party website and embed them in more places. This is essential for online streaming and there are tons of options to choose from.

Next, you need a website solution. To build a true video business, you need an online destination users can visit from a desktop or smartphone. There are hundreds of services that will help you build a VOD website, ranging from free options to very expensive agencies and development teams.

Lastly, you need an app-building solution. If you want to win loyalty from any audience in 2020, you need to have mobile and TV apps. With our video clients, developing OTT apps helped increase audience engagement by over 8x on average. Especially if you plan to charge a subscription fee for your videos, this final step is essential to make your business work.

The 3 best OTT services to consider:

1. MAZ for Creating OTT Apps

For over 10 years, MAZ has been the industry standard for developing custom OTT apps. MAZ’s solution has everything you need, from video hosting and custom websites to the absolute best in OTT app technology. There’s a reason why Fortune 500 brands like Conde Nast, Forbes, Fast Company and hundreds more trust MAZ as their OTT partner.

With MAZ, you can partner with in-house experts to craft the perfect OTT streaming experience. Their dashboard also allows you to go in directly and make and implement changes. No design or coding experience required.

Whether you’re looking for an all-in-one solution or just need the final piece to your OTT puzzle, you shouldn’t make a decision without speaking to MAZ. Request a demo here.

2. JWPlayer for Video Hosting

If you’re solely looking for a video hosting solution, look no further than JWPlayer. With flexible video uploading, powerful API integrations and analytics, the platform gives you everything you need. Businesses of all sizes can take advantage of JWPlayer’s offerings, which makes it an easy service to get started with at any stage. 

Best of all, JWPlayer integrates directly with MAZ and other solutions. So if you ever want to develop your own OTT apps, you can do so easily.

3. Uscreen for a Website

Uscreen can be a bit cumbersome, since it offers so many things (many of which we don’t recommend). But if you’re just looking for a simple OTT website builder, Uscreen is a great way to get the job done. Their websites come built-in with most of the features you will need if you are an SVOD business (if you plan to run ads or sell individual videos, try MAZ instead). 

Creating a streaming website can be tough. Most solutions you will find are either geared towards creating a full OTT suite or creating a website that doesn’t focus on video. So if you are looking to make a website and a website only, try out Uscreen.

4. Best All-in-One Solution?

The truth is, buying all of these OTT services separately can be difficult and expensive. Combining them all into one package is a great way to simplify the process and ensure that everything works well together. So what’s the best all-in-one OTT solution?

Millions of users will agree that MAZ provides the highest quality solution for everything in OTT. With built-in video hosting, website generation and the most powerful OTT apps in the market, there’s no way you can go wrong with MAZ. No matter what industry you’re in or how you plan to monetize, they have a solution for you. 

Many other companies offer all-in-one packages. But they will often delay launches or raise prices if your company grows. MAZ is a scalable solution that stays responsive, fast and inexpensive. No matter how large your company becomes. Request a demo of MAZ for your business here.


Choosing the right OTT services for your business is key. This technology will be the base of your business. They can either limit your abilities or carry you to success. So be sure to do the proper research before making your decision.

While an article like this can get you started, there’s nothing better than giving each service a test run. Seeing this technology first-hand is the only way to truly evaluate its efficacy for your business. No matter your level of experience, feel free to get in touch with us here at MAZ for some personalized help. 

Best of luck finding the right OTT services for your business!

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