The Complexity Problem

By Chris Bassolino on October 08, 2018

It’s getting complicated for video operations teams.

Media and entertainment businesses in the OTT market need to maintain and grow their audience, while staying up-to-date with new layers of technology and third-party integrations that can help them control and deliver video directly to their audience. They also have to decide the best methods for monetizing their video content.

On the other side, empowered consumers who are underwhelmed by bundled services are steering the cord-cutting trend. These consumers want to access video entertainment on any device, whenever they want – and they want to share services with family and friends by adding multiple users to their accounts on multiple devices.

As more direct-to-consumer streaming services emerge, it’s challenging to keep subscribers as OTT churn rates creep up past 50 percent. Reaching the right audience, producing actionable data and having well organized, collaborative teams are critically important to providing the kind of content that makes audiences stick around and ask for more.

However, with complexity comes new possibilities for businesses that have premium video to share with an audience who truly cares about and looks forward to the content they deliver.

If you are a video-centric organization, now is the time to distribute your content directly to consumers as you work to grow your loyal and dedicated audience. There are platforms, like Zype, that can support content management and distribution in order to help video operations teams automate their workflows and reduce their complexity challenges.

When a marketplace gets more complicated, it certainly changes the dynamics for everyone, but it also drives growth and competitive value. Ready to dive in?

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