Still on the Fence about OTT? You Shouldn’t Be. The Time is NOW.

By Chris Smith on June 15, 2017

Are you still on the fence about launching your OTT video network? Maybe you think that OTT is just a fad and your audience couldn’t possibly be on it. There is no hurry because streaming video is more of a Millennial and Generation Z thing, right?

You’re wrong! OTT is now actually MORE popular than cable and that trend is only accelerating. So hop off that fence NOW.

For the first time ever, more Americans are using streaming video services than cable subscriptions as of May 2017. Take note: not just Millennials, ALL Americans. Another first? Netflix, the popular video-streaming platform, now has more subscribers than the largest cable providers in the country.


While it shouldn’t come as any surprise that Millennials have adopted streaming services more quickly than non-millennials ( 77% vs. 65%), it’s noteworthy that non-millennials (35 years and older) also used streaming services more than cable ( 65% vs. 63%).


It’s not just Americans making the switch. Online video is dominating the Internet globally. Our friends across the pond in the UK are turning to streaming video on their mobile devices as well. Nearly half of France’s internet users are using OTT services. So it makes sense that video accounted for almost three-quarters of global IP traffic in 2016 and it’s steadily rising, by 2021 video is projected to be four-fifths of traffic.

It’s no longer a question of when to launch your video network. It’s time.

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