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Meet Zype and the Backlight team
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The VidOps Manager

By Chris Bassolino on October 22, 2018

Have you heard of a #VidOps Manager?

It’s a  transformational role that serves as video project, product and business manager all in one. This person helps coordinate and guide teams to established shared goals, collaborate and make strategic decisions “at the same table.”

Wait, let’s rewind. What is VidOps?

VidOps is a framework we recently introduced to unify video developers, technical assets, business stakeholders and content operations work into a single workflow.

It aims to empower cross-functional business, creative and video operations teams to effectively deliver business value from premium video content through integrated processes, teams and tools. VidOps promotes collaboration, visibility and shared goals to drive the expansion of owner-controlled video content — and the value it delivers — across all delivery platforms and audiences, and to drive engagement and ROI with speed and quality.

That’s a bit of a mouthful so let’s break it down even more: companies that have video as a core business can use VidOps to deliver better quality product to market at a faster pace. By connecting and integrating the fragmented parts of the video product lifecycle — teams are happier, less time and resources are wasted, and better-quality products deliver greater business value.

We’ve developed an in-depth white paper outlining the VidOps framework, describing its tenets and the goals of the philosophy. You can download this paper here to learn more.

The first tenet of VidOps is designating a VidOps Manager. In many cases, this person may already exist to some degree within an organization and go by a different title like Video Project Manager or Video Product Manager or even something like Video Operations Lead or Video Operations Manager. But the fact is, the same title can mean something very different in each organization. That’s why we want to define the role of the VidOps Manager and why this individual, or team of individuals, is so vital to the overall VidOps success.

If you answer yes to one of the below questions, we at least know you are involved in the VidOps life cycle and responsible for some aspect of its success.

Do you?

Help your organization adapt to change within the video industry, and prepare for the future through increasing collaboration and integration of teams?

Track and measure KPIs and metrics surrounding video development and delivery, help optimize processes and tools?

Lead cross-functional team collaboration and communication efforts?

Help engineering and video operations speed time-to-revenue for products through automating processes, streamlining workflows, overseeing early and frequent testing and measuring performance?

Ensure that business objectives are integrated within development processes?

If you’ve answered yes to more than one of the above , then you may very well be already serving as a VidOps Manager.

Once a VidOps Manager is designated, VidOps teams can be organized. These teams include individuals such as: a product manager, content manager, engineering lead, software development lead, developers, engineers and more. Though each of these team members will have their own responsibilities and areas of ownership, they work together within a single VidOps team, ensuring a cohesive process.

To learn even more about the VidOps Manager, we encourage you to download the VidOps Framework, in which you will find a detailed “VidOps Manager” job description, complete with qualifications. For any video-centric organizations, this is a role you want to fill ASAP as a first step toward achieving VidOps success.

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