Top Video Series from Millennial Media and Publishing Companies

By Chris Bassolino on May 17, 2019

Digital content has exploded over the years as more and more media companies have started targeting the Millennial consumer base. And when you look at video content alone, you can clearly see why Millennials are such a big piece of the puzzle.

Millennials spend about 7 hours a day on their phones, which is more than any other age group and in some cases, more hours than they actually sleep. It makes you wonder...what are these folks spending so much time watching?

Well, we’ve pulled together a list of a few of the top video series created by Millennial media companies to give you some inspiration and highlight some of the top video series being produced today.

Refinery29’s Sweet Digs

The Sweet Digs video series features Millennial women and highlight what it’s like to live in cramped studios and stylish pads in cities like New York City, London, and Los Angeles. The videos give a glimpse into how much they pay in rent or have paid in renovation costs. Most Millennials can relate to the videos as they often talk about how to make the most out of a small space or inexpensive ways to dress up the place.

This series started in July of 2017 and has been so successful that they are currently on Season 4, with over 20 episodes total.

Buzzfeed’s As/Is

The OG of millennial media marketing, In 2018, Buzzfeed launched “As/Is”, the first series launched under the company’s newly formed division for its lifestyle brand, BuzzFeed Media Brands. As/Is features several mini-series about topics such as common issues women struggle with personally like hair removal or the very popular “Feed Famous”, which follows aspiring social influencers competing to become a social star. The video series covers everyday questions that many Millennial females find themselves pondering.

The As/Is YouTube account alone has more than 10 million subscribers.

Ozy’s Third Rail

This one isn’t just on the list just because you can catch the writer of this post in the background of an episode. It’s here because it’s blurring the line between digital video and traditional media. And Third Rail usually ha s an interes ting lineup that many Millennials are very familiar with. Guests include celebrities such as Amber Rose and subject matter experts such as Malcolm Gladwell and are carefully selected to debate a highly-contested issue, with a live audience in tow.

Vice’s How to Treat X

Touted as the “ largest youth company in the world ”, Vice is no stranger to the Millennial digital video arena. Vice introduced an interesting twist on explainer videos with their “ How to Treat X ” series. Topics range from the do’s and don’ts on treating anyone from gender fluid individuals to flight attendants. There are about nine episodes, each ranging from about 3-5 minutes long and they’re designed to help people understand the nuances of life.

The Dodo’s Comeback Kids

Guess who’s the largest group of pet owners? Millennials. That’s what makes the Dodo’s Comeback Kids a perfect video series for this animal-loving age group. There are three seasons-worth of heartwarming videos featuring the stories of animals that were given a second chance to live and bring happiness to their owners. I’m not’re crying.

Thrillist’s Gatekeepers

Like most millennials, traveling to new cities is a must as is getting the full local food experience. Thrillist delivers on providing that experience through their series “ Gatekee pers ”. Each episode features a local “gatekeeper” who knows their way around a major city such as Denver. Episodes run for about 20 minutes and leave you with serious food envy.

Upworthy’s Another Person's Shoes

“This is the way you fix politics by participating in it…” These words were spoken by Ithaca, NY’s mayor, Svante Myrick in Upworthy’s inspirational video series “ Another Person’s Shoes ”. This video series distills in two minutes powerful messages of hope, compassion and true American spirit that so many Millennials long for in today’s society. Topics covered range from volunteer medical flights to suicide and women’s pro football.

LadBible’s “Free to Be” series featuring Smirnoff

In June of 2018, LadBible and Smirnoff announced a new video series focused on inclusivity and to “attempt to make difficult topics around race, disability, LGBT+ and other issues more accessible.” The Free to Be series features real-life “nightlife heroes” such as a history-making deaf music artist and a toilet attendant (it’s actually quite a fascinating job).

Vox’s Divided States of Women

The Vox’s Divided States of Women is another great video series targeting Millennial women. The series covers “most divisive and controversial issues facing American women today” in the hopes of bringing a common ground to American women no matter their beliefs. The series started in the fall of 2017 and has over 25 episodes covering everything from sexual harassment in the workplace to the unrealistic expectations of being a perfect mom.

Axios on HBO

HBO announced in February of 2019 that it would be renewing its documentary series “ Axios on HBO ” for a second season.  The new season “...will include a unique mix of breaking news content, exclusive interviews and short profiles.”  What’s interesting about this series is that it covers how different industries and trends are intermixing to change the world.

Elite Daily’s 5 Stages

While they’re not following our best practice of bucketing content series and making it easy for me to link you to all the 5 stages content, it’s still a great series. 5 Stages covers everything from the 5 stages you go through before getting laid off to the steps you take to try budgeting.

Vice’s One Star Reviews

Another great series from Vice is One Star Reviews. Whether you’re looking to laugh or are curious whether one star reviews really mean anything, this series is prime material. It’s hard to tell whether the series is returning with new episodes, but based on how viral it’s gotten, I wouldn’t be surprised to see more of these videos.

Buzzfeed’s Eating your Feed

Last, but certainly not least on our list is another gem from Buzzfeed, “ Eating Your Feed.” The series takes us through the food adventures of hosts Andrew and Niki as they try some of the most outrageous food recipes. Everything from edible corgis to recreating black ice cream, these videos appeal to Millennials and anyone curious about trendy recipes.

Why These Millennial Media Video Series Matter

Why should you care about these millennial media top video series? If you’re asking us, we believe it’s the future of media consumption versus traditional broadcast TV or even OTT platforms like Hulu. We’re seeing a quickly changing landscape in how people, not just Millennials, view and consume content. Companies like Buzzfeed, Vice, and Ozy need eyeballs and advertising dollars to keep these top video series going and we’re interested to see how it all unfolds.

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