Video Streaming Trends: Direct-to-Consumer and the Opportunity for Media Companies

By Chris Bassolino on September 05, 2018

As the methods for media consumption transform, consumers prefer purchasing or subscribing to video directly from the source rather than being tied to inflexible bundled cable services. This direct-to-consumer shift and increasing number of video streaming services across all devices have created new opportunities for businesses that want to do more with their video.

Industry trends and forecasts all point toward migrating to OTT, while traditional bundled television services are starting to unravel as networks adapt subscription-based streaming services. In fact, this is not just a “nice-to-have” anymore. A report by The Diffusion Group says that ALL major networks will provide direct-to-consumer video services by 2022.

However, the opportunity to benefit from growing direct-to-consumer options isn’t limited to the major networks. Media companies that represent a wide range of industries, such as fitness, faith, sports, and education, are also engaging directly with consumers more frequently. However, these media companies all have something in common — their businesses all have a video component that their audience enjoys. Any media company that is looking for a way to amplify its video through streaming services has the opportunity to get on board with the direct-to-consumer trend. Not to mention, building your own standalone streaming allows the potential to generate more revenue and having direct control over their viewers and distribution.

The first step to taking advantage of this trend is selecting the right service that can stream video directly to the consumer, while helping the audience and business grow. However, media companies that leverage certain video distribution softwares are able to not only stream video, but also gain audience insights, advertising and subscription options across all devices – all managed within a single infrastructure. Companies that offer these advantages, like Zype, are working with video-driven organizations to take their video directly to consumers.

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